Agent Spotlight: Michele Gutierrez

About Michele Gutierrez

Michele is a native Texan with a true passion for real estate and client satisfaction. Her research skills and tenacity make her an expert in matching her clients with the perfect home! She believes creating a relationship of trust and confidence with her clients is the best way to grow a referral business and maintain a reputation of competence and professionalism.

She greets all with a warm smile and treats everyone she encounters with respect. Michele began her career as a real estate assistant and quickly decided it was the perfect career for her. She uses her knowledge of the Austin market and diverse background in the contract process to turn her buyers and sellers dreams into reality. When Michele is not selling Real Estate she enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog, Bella, running, traveling, sports, food, and meeting new people. Michele enjoys volunteer work and has participated both individually and with her family in a variety of events, causes, mission trips and organizations throughout her life.

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"I'm here with Michelle Gutierrez. She is an agent with our team and we're going to talk to her about real estate today. So, Michelle, where are you from? And what did you do before you got into real estate?"

I was a flight attendant with Continental for about two years. When United and Continental merged, I decided it just wasn't for me any longer and I started my real estate career in Houston. When I started in Houston, I decided to transfer over to Austin at that point and became an assistant for a while for a Top Producing Agent, learn the contract process and kind of learned as much as I could possibly learn. From there decided to just move on and do it on my own.

"Okay, so we're gonna ask you about the flight attendant thing. So are you scared to fly?"

I am not scared to fly. I love to fly. I love to travel. One of the things that I do on my own and or when I have time off.

"So what about turbulence? Does that freak you out at all?"

So I used to, now not any longer. But I did have a really bad experience flying into Veracruz where the airport had closed due to the air wind speeds. And so we had to divert into Mexico City where we actually don't have we don't have clearance to land there. And so we got trapped there, for that was kind of my first terrible experience. And after that, I just decided, you know what this is, I'm done. I'm over it. I can't do this anymore.

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austin real estate agent
"You grew up in Houston,"

I grew up in Houston, in Katy. The west side of Houston. I graduated from school there and then lived in Montrose for a while. I was doing the flight attendant thing and then finally decided to move on.

"Okay, so you get your license in Houston, you move to Austin and your first kind of entrance was kind of like an admin office manager for a top producer."

That's correct. I was working for a luxury agent and she was just kind of more of a top producer in Austin and so decided to work under her as her office manager slash, kind of just assistant to contract to close process. At that point, I just learned as much as I could from her, learned the ropes and learned the areas especially because I didn't know them walking into the Austin market. And so I felt like that was going to be the best bet for me.

"What year did you move to Austin?"

Six years ago now, 2014.

"What is your favorite thing to do in Austin?"

I love Zilker Park. I love to run. I love to be outside with my dog, Bella. So definitely, it has to do with just the greenbelt and just doing everything outdoors. I think that's what drew me to Austin and kept me here.

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"And do you have like, I feel like everyone has these crazy stories in real estate. Do you have a particular crazy story?"

So a funny story is, I had scheduled an appointment with, I guess a wife, and she never told her sick husband that was at home. So I walked into the door and he was standing right in front of me and underwear. And I just kind of started laughing. And I'm like, I'm so sorry. I just closed the door right after him. So decided to walk away from that house. And, you know, a man standing and whitey tighties isn't the best approach to him.

"Why should people consider Austin as their destination when they're looking at different cities to move to?"

I feel like people should consider Austin due to the growth potential. It's just booming. Technology is what's driving our economy and right now, it is a place to be. It's affordable. It's a great family city. There's plenty to do It's very dog friendly. So I think Austin has a lot of perks.

"What are your favorite areas in Austin?"

Some of my favorite areas in Austin would have to be like Zilker area, Bouldin, South Congress. I like the trendy areas. There's a lot to do. The walkability is great. There's so much that Austin has to offer. My other favorite part I would say is Dripping Springs because of all the wineries out that way and breweries so there's always something you know, Austin has so many different types of things to offer.

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austin real estate agent
"Why do you think that most real estate agents drop out during the first three years?"

That's an interesting question. Because I have been an assistant, I actually watched a lot of people come and go. And I felt like when people do get into the industry, they don't realize how demanding and competitive it actually is. They think, Oh, you know, you sell a house, you can pick up a lead, and it's so easy to make money. The reality is, it is very competitive. It's time-consuming, and you're always working. So, you know, if you don't have that drive, then you're not going to make it.

"And you went through our accountability group. Did you find that helpful?"

I did go through the accountability group and it was great. I think it was about 10 of us. And it was such a great group, just because everyone held each other accountable. It wasn't really just your partner. It was kind of everyone checking in on one another. It was definitely helpful because it made me complete my tasks. There's days when those things get away. And when you have someone checking in on you, you're like, alright, well I can get that done.

"What made you to decide to choose our company?"

I met with you a while ago and I had heard great things about Spyglass all together. I was looking for more of a beachy kind of atmosphere. I love the family-friendly kind of driven atmosphere that you provide or Spyglass provides. And the fact that I can walk in and have a great conversation with any other agent and they know my name that is extremely important to me. I can also provide my clients with a different type of relationship. It's more intimate versus it just being a big company where they don't know who they're working with.

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"So what process do you recommend an agent go through when they're trying to decide on what brokerage they're going with?"

If I were to recommend a new agent during the process of searching for a brokerage, I would definitely let them know to interview multiple brokerages don't just go to one and think that that's the the good as it gets. You should definitely ask a bunch of questions, figure out the commission splits figure out what they have to offer? What is what are you paying for? If you're a new agent, you need that education. It's not that easy. You don't learn everything from the books. So ask the right questions.

"What do you think an agent needs to succeed in real estate? And let me kind of elaborate on that, like, if you're an agent that let's say your company just went away, which has happened a lot in the last couple of years, right? And and you're looking for one, two or three different things in a brokerage? What are those things that you think an agent needs from their brokerage?"

I think some of the biggest things that I personally look for in a brokerage and that I think any successful agent should look for is going to be technology. How are their company going to advance with everyone else? What makes them so different? What type of marketing are they providing? Because ultimately, that's what's selling your clients home. So technology is a big one. Also, what are they providing you on the back end? So as far as technology as far as CRM any type of database that might help you out with your business, it's extremely important.

"In the last couple of years been a lot of smaller boutique firms kind of like ours, that have been absorbed or bought out or joined a different team. And what we found is that there's agents that are moved out. And so in this situation, I'm wondering, like, what do you think an agent that is in this situation, and they're looking at big box firms versus boutique firms? Like what do you think they need to move into a new brokerage What should they look for?"

Definitely technology I would have to say and then education. Education is really important. If they're not offering a way for you to gain new knowledge in the industry, then it's really not gonna help you out. Our industry is evolving every single day. There's always something to learn. And if you're not driven, and you're not ambitious to learn the new techniques or whatever is coming out on the market, market knowledge is extremely important as well. So definitely education, technology, and just when you're picking a brokerage, that's really the two biggest things for me honestly.

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austin real estate agent
"And what I think when we try to strive for is when you touched on education, and one of the things that we try to push is is like, agent branding. Not necessarily just like me branding, but showing agents how they can brand themselves like through social media and like picking topics that they want to show to their audience to let them know their authority. Do you think that's important for a real estate agent?"

Absolutely. Whenever you are picking, you need presence, regardless of where you're at. So with there being so many bigger corporate companies, being in a boutique, you need to learn how to build your own presence. And so if you have that support from your team, or from your brokerage, it's great to, to have that, to build that presence and it makes it easier. So I think that's a really big thing to support all together in branding and marketing and education in technology. It's all based upon that support that you're getting from that.

"I was speaking to had an interview with Chris Lindahl and he was talking about how lot of the bigger box brokerages are their main point of marketing is marketing their company, which I think is important to some extent, but also in the future of real estate, what I think is going to happen is that you're going to see the rise of the teams. 10 years ago, we barely heard about teams and so what we've tried to do is put together a hybrid, we want to be a brokerage that acts like a team, and I think that that's important for an agent that is looking for a place where can the brokerage elevate the agent, as well as the rest of the company."

100%. Based on what you just said, you also have to. You're working on branding Spyglass but you're also helping us brand ourselves. And so that's extremely important versus when you're at Keller Williams, you don't really get taught I'm sorry, I shouldn't probably but you don't really get taught how to brand yourself at that point. You're just branded as a Keller Williams agent or a bigger brokerage agent at that point. And so that is definitely something that is helpful. Because let's say you didn't go off and start your own, like, where is your presence? I mean, I definitely think regardless of the situation, someone that is supportive of brokers that is extremely supportive, and it's teaching you versus just throwing you out there to the wolves is very important. And I think Spyglass does provide that.

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"And I think that like for my part of it, like I realized that our company, we take splits, and I have to earn that split every single year and only we can do that as provide value. You've been in the business for six years and so you've had a pretty decent ramp up in the last few years. What do you think are your tips for success in getting to that next level where you're selling 50% more production in homes over the year before."

I definitely think that building relationships is extremely important. A lot of people in this industry forget about their past clients and that is something that in order for you to obtain those referrals to continue to move on and be able to make your production and your goals, you definitely need to keep in contact with your past clients, and always find a way to obtain new clients. You can never slack in this industry. You know, if you take two weeks off your business, it's gonna feel it. So it's always about moving forward and figuring out what exactly you need to do next and I watched a lot of people fail, just thinking that they can sit around and not do anything. That's exactly what drives this industry. So you have to be hungry, I guess you could say.

"I think you hit the nail on the head in the sense that like you have to really strive to get new business, but you also can get lost in the shuffle. By not maintaining a relationship with your past clients. I think a lot of people forget that. So well, thank you so much for doing this interview in the spotlight and for being part of our team."

Awesome. Thank you. Thank you for having me.

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