Ricky Amend, REALTOR®

Ricky Amend has been a licensed agent since early 2016 specializing in real estate investment properties. He is consistently searching for potential investment properties to match his client's specific criteria. Using a socially connected approach to real estate, Ricky is expanding his client portfolio by exceeding their investment goals. Managing renovation projects in his early days of real estate has given him the advantage to help his clients find or build the home of their dreams!

Ricky is highly driven, giving him an advantage in the fast-paced real estate market. His career goals are in line with his personal goals of continuing to invest in real estate. Having money working for you has always intrigued him and gave him his passion to help people create income-producing investments.

When Ricky isn’t searching for investment opportunities, he is looking for adventure. From snowboarding to building cars, riding a dirt bike or flying a jetpack. Ricky is set out to take care of business and have fun, no exceptions.

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