Agent Spotlight: Kelli Pesses

We shine the spotlight on the remarkable real estate agent, Kelli Pesses. With several years of experience under her belt, Kelli's journey in the real estate industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. In 2019, she found herself at a crossroads when the boutique brokerage she was with was acquired by a larger firm. Seeking a more collaborative and intimate environment, Kelli embarked on a quest to find a new place to flourish professionally.

Upon meeting Kelli, our team at Spyglass Realty recognized her potential and aligned her goals with our agent professional development program. We welcomed her into our leads team and introduced her to our accountability groups. In just six months, Kelli's productivity skyrocketed by over 300%.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Kelli to delve deeper into her journey and the secrets behind her phenomenal success.

A Passion for Real Estate and Interior Design

Kelli's background in sales, particularly in radio advertising, laid a solid foundation for her transition into real estate. Additionally, her degree in Interior Design fueled her love for houses and staging. After gaining experience in house flipping and providing interior design services to other flippers, Kelli felt drawn to real estate due to the perfect blend of sales, marketing, and her passion for homes.

Finding a Collaborative Environment

Transitioning from a smaller boutique brokerage to a larger firm left Kelli feeling disconnected and undervalued. The sense of being just another number compelled her to seek a more intimate atmosphere where she could thrive and be accountable to a close-knit team. At Spyglass Realty, Kelli found the supportive and collaborative environment she was yearning for, enabling her to give her best and excel.

The Factors Behind Success

Kelli's astounding 300% increase in production cannot be solely attributed to external factors. While Spyglass Realty provided her with cutting-edge technology and a nurturing environment, Kelli's personal drive and commitment played a significant role. Being part of a smaller team enhanced her sense of accountability, and participation in accountability groups and partnerships kept her focused and motivated.

Embracing Accountability Groups

Kelli highlighted the transformative power of accountability groups, a feature offered by Spyglass Realty. These groups provided a space for agents to share their progress, exchange ideas, and hold each other accountable. Kelli admitted that during the breaks between accountability group sessions, she noticed a decline in her productivity, realizing the immense value of having someone to report to and maintain consistency.

Overcoming Growing Pains

Like many realtors, Kelli faced challenges along her journey. One major hurdle was navigating lead generation. Previously reliant on referrals from friends and family, she hadn't fully explored the potential of leads. However, joining Spyglass Realty introduced Kelli to high-quality leads, filled with genuine buyers. This shift in perspective and the optimism it brought allowed her to proactively pursue new deals with confidence.

Choosing Spyglass Realty

Kelli's decision to join Spyglass Realty was influenced by the success of agent Tim Behe, whom she respected. Seeking a collaborative team and an environment that fostered growth, Kelli found what she was looking for in our brokerage. After speaking with Tim and meeting the team, she knew Spyglass Realty was the perfect fit for her, making the decision to join without hesitation.

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