Agent Spotlight: Cory Mortensen

Cory Mortensen is a promising new agent at Spyglass Realty. Despite being relatively new, Cory has been making waves since he joined the company in January. In our Agent Spotlight video, we had a Zoom interview with Cory due to the ongoing shelter-in-place measures. Let's learn more about his background and journey into real estate.

From Real Estate Education to Appraiser

Cory's real estate journey began after graduating from Texas Tech's finance and real estate program in May 2018. He started as a commercial real estate appraiser for Travis County, gaining valuable experience in analyzing property values and income potential. However, Cory desired more interpersonal interactions, prompting a switch to the brokerage side at Weitzman. There, he specialized in investment sales but still craved more personal connections.

Joining Spyglass Realty and Embracing Residential Real Estate

Cory's desire for genuine conversations with clients led him to Spyglass Realty. After a meeting with Caitlyn, a colleague who spoke highly of Spyglass's culture and training, Cory was convinced it was the right fit. He appreciated the company's emphasis on personal growth, accountability, and the use of technology in real estate.

Leveraging Analytical Skills and Social Skills

With a background in real estate analysis, Cory brings a unique perspective to the residential market. His experience in appraising commercial properties honed his analytical mindset, allowing him to evaluate property values effectively. Additionally, his natural affinity for socializing and connecting with people bridges the gap between analytical expertise and the emotional aspects of residential real estate.

Exploring the Power of Social Media

While initially hesitant about social media, Cory recognized its value as a business tool and embraced it. He discovered that creating engaging content required finding the right balance between graphics, editing, and informative copy. Cory's goal is to provide valuable insights through videos that showcase his expertise and genuine passion for real estate.

Embracing Accountability and Personal Growth

Cory's participation in accountability groups, including Isabel Affinito's dynamic selling class, has been instrumental in his professional development. These groups help him set and achieve goals, providing the necessary structure and support for success. Cory appreciates the combination of practical sales techniques, mindset coaching, and the opportunity to learn from experienced agents.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Brokerage

When deciding to join Spyglass Realty, Cory prioritized factors like company culture, the broker's involvement with agents, and technological advancements. The emphasis on training and accountability, as evidenced by the accountability groups and dynamic selling course, further solidified his decision.

For those considering a brokerage change or starting their real estate journey, Cory suggests asking brokers about their approach to handling agents who underperform and how they deal with failure. Understanding a broker's support system and their commitment to personal growth can greatly influence the overall experience.

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