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Appealing, irresistible, a classic. These are a few words that some people might have in mind when thinking about Craftsman architecture. From its actual name, the craftsmanship and rich details can be seen on almost every American craftsman style home; typically with a welcoming front porch, an elegant sloped roof, and stunning architectural designs.

Craftsman architecture is a popular style for homes due to its uniqueness and characters. There are several features that make this type of home admirable and popular today than they were 100 years ago. Here is a look at the history of the architecture, the features, and its types.

Craftsman Architecture

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History of Craftsman Architecture

Craftsman homes began appearing in the late 1800s to early 1900s. The credit for this wonderful type of architecture goes to Britain when they were experiencing an industrial revolution back in the late nineteenth-century British social movement. There was a mass-produced construction style of handcrafted products by artisans that was rejected by the Arts & Crafts Movement.

The founder and editor of The Craftsman Magazine, Gustav Stickley, sold blueprints for homes that were designed in the Arts & Crafts style with the intention of making serious architecture accessible to the masses. This is where the movement made its way to America.

Captivating Features of a Craftsman Architecture Home

The architecture style of this type of home is known for its character and uniqueness. Here are some of the common characteristics:

For the exterior, the front porch is usually roofed with columns for support. The home also has low-pitched rooflines and exposed rafters. Double hanging windows and painted wood sidings can be observed as well. The usual theme for this type of homes is earthy tones.

The interior area is as beautiful as the exterior. Some homes may have a prominent fireplace, nooks and window seats for lounging. Plenty of wooden materials can be seen around from door and windows and, boxed beams on the ceilings.

Types of Craftsman Architecture

1. Bungalow.

They are often associated with this type of structure, and yes, this is the traditional style of Craftsman architecture.

2. Four Square.

This type of architecture is perfect for large families and is a bigger and plainer version of the bungalow.

3. Mission Revival.

These homes are low-profile yet feature wide-open verandas and interior courtyards. It has a Spanish touch and is still a favorite in the regions where there is Spanish history.

4. Prairie

Popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Prairie has a low sprawling profile and strong horizontal lines. They appear to be built into the actual landscape and have long rows of windows to the outdoors.

No matter what type or style of Craftsman architecture you prefer, it will always stand out for their captivating features and classic structure.

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