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Architectural Photography for Real Estate

The difference between real estate photography and architectural photography is very subtle in nature, but when executed correctly it can make a world of difference. But as architectural photography becomes more prevalent in listings nationwide, it begs the question: what really is architectural photography? How does it pique clients' interested in a different way? Should you be using it to show off your listings?

I went LIVE with Leonid Furmansky to go over the basics of architectural photography and how his work keeps the buildings alive long after they've been built.

How Life Has Changed During Stay-At-Home: Business, Parenting, and the New Norm (ft. Jessica Smith of The Key Group Austin)

In this week's podcast, Spyglass Realty's very own Jessica Smith sits down (virtually) and chats about the new norm that the coronavirus has brought into the real estate industry, the stay-at-home order, and how she is shifting her lifestyle to fit into the business while maintaining safe distancing measures and generating revenue.

Social Media Habits for Executives (ft. Adam Contos, CEO of RE/MAX) | The #REALTYHACK Podcast

At our February Spyglass Team Meeting, we were joined by RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos to talk about what strategies he personally implements for social media and our role as real estate agents to curate a welcoming online community for our clients.

Future-Proofing Your Business from Disrupters

How does one take a team of 30 and grow it to a brokerage of over 100 agents and 1,500 transactions in under 2 years?

How can real estate agents "future-proof" their business for the incoming disrupters that threaten our industry?

What are the things that agents should be looking for in their team or brokerage that are going to help them grow their business?

Is the traditional brokerage model dead?

Last week I met with Kris Lindahl with Kris Lindahl Real Estate for my upcoming Inman article and we went over a variety of topics, including the answers to the questions above. This was the most interesting and informative interview I've ever done and Kris is a tour-de-force in the industry that has accomplished so much in such a short time frame. His insights into where our industry is going and what type of team or brokerage agents should be aligning themselves with are spot on, in my opinion.

Agent's First Hire (ft. Anthony Malafronte) | The #REALTYHACK Podcast

You do all you can. You go as far as you can go. You get all the results you can get, and when you can't go any further, you look for help. Most successful real estate agents hire this person before they fully develop and document their systems and tools.

We are here with Anthony Malafronte of My Tampa Agent to talk about an agent’s first hire and how to transition your business to the next level.

The Key to Agent Branding & Effective Marketing (ft. Laura Monroe)

Laura Monroe has been a staple in the national real estate scene for years, having started a business that helped agents with their virtual marketing and worked with Inman magazine as Director of Industry Engagement and Social Media. She was an editor with 60 contributors and hosted a weekly webinar with them as well. She was head of Industry and Brand Engagement for Real Estate Webmasters for the last two years and just recently returned to Inman to a position as Global Head of Industry. Today, we're going to be talking about Agent Branding & Marketing to stay relevant in the real estate industry amongst other top producing agents.

The Key to a Successful Podcast (ft. Bill Risser) | #REALTYHACK

What does it take to start a renowned podcast? That's exactly what we're figuring out today. I sat down with Bill Risser, Vice President of Digital Strategy at Fidelity National Title, to discuss the intricacies of podcasting and why it's important for business owners to build a voice..

Why It’s Beneficial to Curate Meaningful Relationships With Other Top Producing Agents (ft. Amber Thomas, CEO of Platinum Top 50) | #REALTYHACK

In the competitive world of real estate, it’s easy to fall into the mindset that competitors are your enemy. Some marketers will tell you that you need to “kill or be killed” and that there is only one way to succeed: by stomping on the competition. However, marketing does not need to be all or nothing. However, today we will debunk the idea that competitors can’t also be your allies. Today, were going to be talking about how to transform your relationships with competitors to ones that bear opportunities to improve both your businesses.

NAR + The Ban on Pocket Listings (Ft. Emily Chenevert) | #REALTYHACK

In Real estate, a pocket listing is a property where brokers can have a "Exclusive Right to Sell" agreement and is never advertised nor entered into the MLS. Recently, NAR has placed a ban on these types of listings, which has brought the industry into a frenzy. I had the pleasure of chatting with my friend Emily Chenevert, CEO of the Austin Board of Realtors. Let’s see how the city of Austin is revamping their system to fit these new conditions in this week’s episode of the Realty Hack podcast.


How to Screen for Exceptional Talent (ft. Jon Cheplak) | #REALTYHACK

In one of my previous Inman articles, I wrote about how losing my top agent spurred me into action to restructure my organization and build it up to the point where we eventually placed # 3 on the local business journal’s list of Best Companies to work for. What I didn’t mention at the time, was that one huge part of this transformation was being introduced to Jon Cheplak, the elite coach who teaches others how to recruit the best talent and build a company culture where agent’s thrive. Today I had the pleasure of interviewing him for the Realty Hack podcast, check it out now.

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