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Do You Need to Buy a Home at the Same Time?

This is a very common predicament that we see home sellers face and we have years of experience and have a solution in place to get your home sold quickly and our process in place that has helped dozens of client in the past that have sold their home and bought it at the same time.  

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Remodeling Services

We identify what parts of your home might be outdated and then we analyze the cost of upgrading these items and tell you what impact it will have on the value.  We don't make recommendations for upgrading that we feel will not impact the value or desirability of your home.  We pick out the materials, colors and have them ready to be picked up and paid for.  Most of the time our contractors or stager will pick up the items and deliver them to the home to be installed.

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Professional Staging

After signing a listing agreement, one of our in-house stagers will meet with you at your property.  They start on the outside of the home and gradually work their way through every room in the house, making notes on what art, decoration, and furniture need to be removed as well as what potential upgrades could be completed that would add to the desirability of the home as well as the value.  After the staging appointment, our stager will send you the list within 24 hours.

We made a video with our staging specialist, Angél Rodenbeck, about how to sell your home for more money with staging. Check it out here!

Cross-Platform Marketing

Marketing increases the chances for multiple offers and getting an offer close to list price.  The goal in our marketing is to give your listing the stigma that it's something that a buyer can't miss out on and create a sense of demand.  Demand drives traffic and traffic leads to a fear of loss if the buyer on your home thinks that they get beat out on the home by another buyer.

Advantage of Video

Listings with video walk-throughs get 400% more exposure, according to research  Our video walk-throughs are complimentary and we post our videos on Zillow, which then pushes listings with video to the top of the search results.  Your listing will also be featured on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google, which ensures maximum exposure.  It's just another compliment to our marketing service.

Experience & Negotiation

Experience leads to knowledgable negotiations and a powerful negotiator can mean the difference between getting an offer or putting two or more offers against each other to yield you the best possible price on your home.  We've negotiated hundreds of deals and as such, can help you get the most money for your home!

Our Work in Action

This is the most spectacular listings to hit the market in Barton Hills in recent years, and it's easy to see why.  It's a single story mid-century home with over 3,500 square feet of living space that includes a separate guest home overlooking a pool.  Designed by Kevin Stewart Architecture, this home is to DIE for.  

Having this great listing presented us with a unique opportunity to put our marketing techniques to use and we featured this home on many different platforms as seen here. 

Check out the listing here!

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