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Marketing Your Home

If you want to maximize the sale price of a home, it's essential to implement an exceptionally effective marketing strategy. Our primary objective is consistently drawing in a broad spectrum of potential buyers to generate high demand for every property we list. We take great pride in the fact that no other real estate brokerage worldwide puts in as much effort as we do to attract prospective buyers!

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Sellers, find the buyer who is right for you:

  • Our agents will have priority access and can begin marketing your home right away within our vast network.
  • Get a report of all of the buyers who match your home’s criteria.
  • Last year alone, hundreds of sellers sold their homes this way without ever having to list.

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Relocation Services

This Global network of market-leading real estate companies enables us to assist home buyers and sellers with relocations every where. We can help you reach your real estate goals with our local REALTORS in Austin. We can also serve your national and international needs.

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Top Ranking Service ⋅ Local Experts ⋅ Global Connections

Spyglass Realty extends its top-rated and award-winning marketing strategy to the upper echelon with its refined brand collateral, international reach, and global network.

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We've successfully sold over 3,000+ homes...

And we can sell yours, too.

  • For Busy Homeowners: We handle all aspects of the sale, saving you time and effort.
  • For Those Seeking Maximum Profit: Our strategies are designed to fetch the best market price.
  • For First-Time Sellers: We provide education and support, making the process understandable and comfortable.
  • The Upgrading Family: Seeking a bigger space but needing to sell the current home.
  • The Downsizing Retiree: Looking to sell a larger property for something more manageable.
  • The Relocating Professional: Needing a quick and efficient sale due to a career move.

Why Sell Your Home with Spyglass Realty?

Expert Cross-Platform Marketing of Your Home

Marketing increases the chances for multiple offers and getting an offer close to list price. We use the latest marketing tools and techniques to showcase your home to the right buyers. The goal in our marketing is to give your listing the stigma that it's something that a buyer can't miss out on and create a sense of demand. Demand drives traffic and traffic leads to a fear of loss if the buyer on your home thinks that they get beat out on the home by another buyer.

Premier Home Remodeling Services

We identify what parts of your home might be outdated and then we analyze the cost of upgrading these items and tell you what impact it will have on the value. We don't make recommendations for upgrading that we feel will not impact the value or desirability of your home. We pick out the materials, colors and have them ready to be picked up and paid for. Most of the time our contractors or stager will pick up the items and deliver them to the home to be installed.

Maximize Your Home's Potential with Professional Staging

Reduce time on the market with our professional staging services. A beautifully staged home not only attracts more buyers but also sells faster. After signing a listing agreement, one of our in-house stagers will meet with you at your property. They start on the outside of the home and gradually work their way through every room in the house, making notes on what art, decoration, and furniture need to be removed as well as what potential upgrades could be completed that would add to the desirability of the home as well as the value. After the staging appointment, our stager will send you the list within 24 hours.

Captivate Buyers with Stunning Video Content

Listings with video walk-throughs get 400% more exposure, according to research from homes.com. Our video walk-throughs are complimentary and we post our videos on Zillow, which then pushes listings with video to the top of the search results. Your listing will also be featured on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google, which ensures maximum exposure. It's just another complement to our marketing service.

Experience & Negotiation

Experience leads to knowledgeable negotiations and a powerful negotiator can mean the difference between getting an offer or putting two or more offers against each other to yield you the best possible price on your home. We've negotiated thousands of deals and as such, can help you get the most money for your home!

Long-Term Benefits of Working with Spyglass Realty:

Embark on a journey of enduring success with Spyglass Realty, where long-term benefits redefine your real estate experience. Our seasoned professionals provide expert guidance, offering tailored strategies designed for sustained success in the dynamic real estate market.

  • Financial Satisfaction: Maximizing your sale price for long-term financial gain.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you made the best deal possible.
  • Future Readiness: Setting you up for your next real estate venture with confidence.

Need to Buy a Home at the Same Time?

This is a very common predicament that we see home sellers face, and we have years of experience and a solution in place to get your home sold quickly. Our process has helped dozens of clients in the past who have sold their home and bought at the same time.

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Sell Your Home Fast in Austin

Need to sell your home in order to buy a new one? We have a solution for that as well. Sell as-is. No repairs, updates, or showings. Move on to your timeline. Pay zero fees.

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The Complete Austin Home Selling Checklist

What to do to prepare your home before selling? Here’s the most comprehensive and detailed list of things to do when selling your Austin home.

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Buy a House Before Relocating or Look for it On the Spot?

Are you thinking of selling your Austin home? Find out the most commonly made mistakes to avoid when selling your home in Austin, TX.

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Tips for Selling and Buying at the Same Time

We got you covered with the things you need to know about selling and buying your Austin home at the same time.

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Find Out Your Home's Value

Discover the true value of your home with our free, no-obligation valuation service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • "I can sell my home myself." While this is true, our expertise ensures you don't leave money on the table.
  • "The market isn’t right currently." Our market insights help you make informed decisions, regardless of market conditions.
  • "I’m not ready to commit." We offer a no-pressure consultation to address your concerns and outline the benefits of partnering with us.

How can I find out how much my home is worth in Austin?

Setting the right price for your home can be tricky. We use market analysis to help you find the perfect balance. To find out how much your home is worth in Austin, you have several options. First, consider getting a comparative market analysis (CMA) from a real estate agent. This analysis will compare your home to similar properties recently sold in your area, providing you with an estimate of your home's value.

You can utilize online home value estimator tools, although these should be regarded as rough estimates. For a more accurate evaluation, hiring a professional appraiser who will inspect your home and provide a precise estimate is recommended.

How do I prepare my home for an appraisal in Austin?

When preparing your home for an appraisal in Austin, there are essential steps to follow. Start by decluttering your home, and removing personal belongings to allow buyers to envision themselves living there.

Make any necessary repairs, such as fixing leaky faucets or broken windows, prior to the appraisal. Finally, stage your home to showcase its best features. This includes cleaning, de-cluttering, and adding fresh flowers or plants to create an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. We understand that preparing your home for sale can be overwhelming. Work with one of our expert real estate agents for professional guidance on staging and improvements to enhance appeal. We recommend cost-effective improvements that can significantly enhance your home's value and appeal.

What are some tips for staging my home for sale in Austin?

Staging your home for sale in Austin requires careful attention to detail. Begin by decluttering your home, and removing personal items to create a neutral and inviting space for buyers. Make necessary repairs to ensure your home is in top condition before listing it. Stage your home by cleaning, arranging furniture, and adding appealing touches such as fresh flowers or plants to make it look warm and welcoming in pictures, 3D tours, and showings.

How do I find the right real estate agent to help me buy or sell a home in Austin?

When looking for the right real estate agent in Austin, consider seeking referrals from trusted sources such as friends, family, or colleagues who have had positive experiences. Conduct interviews with multiple agents to assess their experience, fees, and marketing plans.

Choose an agent with whom you feel comfortable and confident, someone you can trust and communicate effectively throughout the buying or selling process. Finding the right real estate agent is crucial for a successful transaction in Austin's competitive market.

How long does it typically take to sell a home in Austin?

The typical timeline for selling a home in Austin can vary depending on various factors. On average right now in 2023, it takes around 30 to 60 days to sell a home. However, market conditions, property location, pricing strategy, and buyer demand can influence the duration. Working with a skilled Austin real estate agent, setting an attractive price, and effectively marketing the property can help expedite the selling process and achieve a timely sale.

What are the costs involved in selling a home in Austin?

Costs to sell a home vary in many ways. Costs generally include agent commission, closing costs, and potential repairs or improvements. We provide a detailed breakdown for full transparency.


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