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How Spyglass Realty Select Move Works

Get a guaranteed offer
Once approved you will receive a guaranteed offer on your current home. That's the price you will be paid for your current home as soon as you're ready to move into your new home.

Make a winning offer on your new home
When you've found the home of your dreams, Spyglass Realty will be ready to write the offer with no lending or home sale contingency. This means you're more likely to win and can close on your own timeline.

Move in on your schedule
Once your offer is accepted, everything comes together in days, not months. You get the cash to close on your dream home and control when you move.

Keep all the upside
Once you're out of the old house we will fix it up like a shiny penny and sell it. If it sells for more than the guaranteed price YOU get to keep the extra.




What it Costs

Pricing could not be simpler. In addition to paying typical Real Estate commissions, closing costs, and repair expenses, there is a fee that typically runs about 1.5% of the home you are selling.

We find that most clients will recoup some or all of this fee by being able to make a stronger non-contingent offer on a new home AND getting top dollar for the existing home being vacant and all cleaned up. Below is a typical cost breakdown for a Spyglass Realty Select Move.

Market Valuation $700,000
Spyglass Realty Select Move Guaranteed Price $630,000
Estimated Spyglass Realty Select Move Trade-in Fee $(10,500)
Estimated Commissions, Closing, and Repair Costs $(62,000)
Estimated Loan Payoff $(300,000)
Equity for new home purchase $264,500
Actual Sales Price $715,000
Actual Spyglass Realty Select Move Trade-In fee* $(10,725)
Actual Commissions, Closing, and Repair Costs $(62,271)
Additional proceeds after market sale $77,504
Total equity received from sale $342,004


Who is Spyglass Realty

Spyglass Realty is a top producing Austin real estate firm, specializing in remodeling, design, internet marketing, and video production. The agents at Spyglass Realty are heavily trained in presenting properties to the market as well as marketing. For buyers, we source properties that are not yet on the market and use our negotiation training to negotiate the best possible deal at the best price.

You can learn more about Spyglass Realty here.