Rob Gutierrez, REALTOR®

Rob is a first-generation homegrown Austinite! He graduated from Texas State in 2012, with a degree in business Marketing. After college, he started in the healthcare sales industry and moved to El Paso to serve both the West Texas and New Mexico diverse cultural communities for their health insurance wants. After consecutive years of being the top sales agent in high-volume Medicare sales, he relocated to Dallas to help expand and serve the Dallas/Fort Worth health markets.

In 2016, he decided to pursue another calling in life by helping communities at a larger scale. Rob decided to live abroad for the next 4 years in both China and Costa Rica, so he could widen his scope of the world. He taught both English Language Arts to international elementary students and helped them develop their skills using the English language. As well as, Business English to adult students to help them grow their business by educating them to develop and expand for interviews, international team projects, and working with bilingual clients.

Since returning home and seeing how much the Austin area has evolved into a multicultural community, Rob understands the importance of communication now more than ever. Understanding real estate at times can feel the same as learning a new language. Rob easily guides his clients through the whole real estate process, from the first meeting, all the way to closing with key in hand and beyond. Rob makes it his mission to understand and assist all of his clients in achieving their dreams and future promises of owning and investing in real estate all around The Austin Metroplex as well its surrounding cities. He is disciplined about staying educated and current in the city’s ever growing and evolving real estate market. Rob’s Mantra is that “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” So, dream beautifully and believe that he will be there to help you find a piece of your future that you want to create.

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