Broker Associate

Cederick Harris

Cederick Harris, Broker Associate

A former Semi-Pro Basketball Player, Cederick Harris knows that being on the winning team takes skill, commitment and a powerful knowledge of the game – in basketball and in the Real Estate Industry.

Meet Cederick Harris: Cederick knows all aspects of the real estate industry. With a background in sales, investments, construction, development, lending and teaching he helps his clients make decisions based on a measurable set of goals. With a reputation for honesty and integrity, Cederick offers his clients the chance to work with a winning team and to score in the competitive arena of Austin real estate.

Cederick Harris has an extra-value advantage. He has lived in Austin for 43 years and knows the area better than most. He has watched as the city has grown and changed, with the influx of newcomers and new businesses, over the past few years. He knows how projected growth will impact each area and uses that knowledge along with his business education to help clients score in the mortgage industry.

Cederick is a licensed Real Estate Broker and Residential Mortgage Loan Originator. His career grew out of his own interest of building and flipping homes, and he soon realized that his knowledge would be invaluable in helping others. “My clients trust me with one of the most important decisions of their lifetime and I honor and respect that.” Being a part of real estate investment groups puts Cederick in a powerful position to help clients. His understanding of Return on Investment, working with loan originators, home warranty companies, builders, contractors, title companies and inspectors are important keys in helping clients with complex transactions.

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