Cory Mortensen, REALTOR®

After being raised in Lubbock and studying Finance and Real Estate at Texas Tech, I made a great decision to move to Austin. I come from a background of commercial real estate, spending time as a commercial real estate appraiser for TCAD and also as an analyst and investment sales agent for a large commercial retail brokerage so I understand the numbers and what it means to make an investment in a given market. However, I love the people side of things and just what an investment really is with residential... a home. A place to come to after work where you can relax and be most comfortable. A place to raise and have children. A place to entertain, and show off. It's so many things but most importantly, it's your thing and I can't wait to be the person to facilitate that. I am passionate about many things, and real estate is one of them. When I'm not working on real estate related matters, I enjoy DJing, consulting with people on their businesses and startups (I've had a couple of my own), looking at investments, being active in the form of running, basketball, and skateboarding, and spending time with friends. Looking forward to meeting you.

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