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Dominate Your Local Neighborhood Farm and Get Listings

We went over how agents can dominate a neighborhood they’re farming. Keep in mind - this isn’t a plug and play marketing campaign nor is it a magic pill that will get you listings with no other means of engagement. It requires that you have an active presence in the neighborhood you’re in and involve you being already involved in the community with listings, open houses or community involvement. You have kids in the school or, if nothing else, you're an Open House BEAST. But if you are already active in a neighborhood or you plan to be, this will supercharge the process.

How to Win a Multiple Offer Situation in Austin Real Estate

Multiple offers in the Austin area are very common and if you're working with a buyer you need to have every tool at your disposal. Real Estate in Austin is very competitive and when a buyers agent in Austin enters into a multiple offer situation where there is competitive bids, they need to have a plan. This is how we handle multiple contracts on homes in the Austin area.

Texas Real Estate Appraisal Addendum Explained

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Young. Wild. Financially Free. Ryan Rodenbeck Realty Investor, Agent, Hacker

Ryan Rodenbeck started in Austin real estate as an investor in 2001. He looked at all investment opportunities — Austin foreclosures, condos, homes for sale. After buying and selling houses for a few years, he felt like he knew more than most investment agents holding themselves out as "experts" and decided to get his real estate license. In July of 2008, the entrepreneurial bug came calling, so Ryan formed Spyglass Realty and Investments. The focus was on residential real estate in the areas that he had a passion for, including Travis Country, 78704, Travis Heights, and downtown Austin. Ryan loves to build up the community and train hungry real estate agents. Ryan shares much of his knowledge through his Instagram account Realty Hack.

Ryan Rodenbeck - Secrets of Building Trust through Social Media Revealed: 5 Minute Success

In this episode, Karen and Ryan discuss: Success Story of Ryan. Commit to Get Leads: Every time you create content, how are you going to tell people you are the person they need to work with or how can you educate them on something they did not know. Consult to Sell: Create systems that will benefit your seller in the most responsible way. Connect to Build and Grow: Recruit responsibly – you have to make sure everyone you on-board is going to fit with your culture and your company. Success Thinking, Activities and Vision: You’re going to have good days and bad days – for every step backwards, make sure to take two steps forward. Sweet Spot of Success.

Ryan Rodenbeck Interview: How handling mistakes is the breaking point to make you rather than break you

Ryan Rodenbeck, Owner of Spyglass Realty and Investments joins Jere to share how handling mistakes is the breaking point to make you rather than break you.


Having successfully built an online presence for his personal brand that has grown his business, Spyglass Realty Owner Ryan Rodenbeck believes the best way to reach your audience and potential clients is through more honesty and less pictures of sold signs. In Episode 12, Ryan shares with Emily that the key to growing your online presence is not showing off all your sales, but rather showing off how hard you’re willing to work in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Snapshot #110: Everything You Need to Know About Instagram

Ryan Rodenbeck, broker/owner at Spyglass Realty in Austin, Texas, shares his best tips for using Instagram. If you listen to only one podcast episode on Instagram, it should be this one!

Damn Good Real Estate Training

Negotiating Backup Offers

Interested in how top agents use backup offers to negotiate a good deal for their clients? Listen in on Ryan's weekly team huddle meeting as he explains how to properly leverage a backup offer to get the most money for his sellers. Here's a hint: you don't just accept it and wait for the first deal to bust. Nope, there is a better technique. Want to win a property for a buyer? We have you covered there as well. The backup offer is the most underutilized tool in an agent's arsenal.

Texas Real Estate Appraisal Addendum Explained

The new TREC appraisal addendum is nice to have but is awfully confusing and yet we're required to use it. Spyglass Realty office manager Sunny Tracey breaks down what each paragraph means for our team and how it should be used in each situation and furthermore, how you can explain the appraisal addendum to a listing agent to make sure that your offer is the best it can be. Disclaimer: We're not attorneys, and you should seek legal advice from an attorney or contact your broker for questions on how to implement these techniques.

Instagram Training for Realtors

In this video, we talk about how real estate agents can define their Instagram audience and tailer value-added content to potential clients so they can build their brand install trust in buyers and sellers of real estate. This is just a short snippet from Ryan's class at the Austin Board of Realtors.

Working Internet Leads

Forced registration leads and internet leads, in general, tend to have a really low conversion rate but as someone who has generated hundreds of thousands of internet leads for real estate, I can tell you that they do convert. It's a numbers game and here I line out how many calls it takes to generate a 6 figure income using ONLY internet leads. You should be using multiple sources for leads such as taping into your sphere of influence as well as generating open house leads, but here's what it takes to generate 6 figures if you ONLY had internet leads to work.

Best Practices for Open Houses

Open houses are a great way for Austin real estate agents to attract buyer leads, but getting them to sign in can be tough. Ryan shares his techniques to get more buyer leads and the system he provides his agents that helps with the followup.

5 Integral Tips About Winning Multiple Offer Situations

Ryan shares some need-to-know pointers about the coveted multiple offer situation. This is a great opportunity to hone down on the details of each agreement.

How Home Staging Services Can Increase Realtor's Conversion Ratios

Last week I interviewed Kristie Barnett, AKA The Decorologist. Kristie is a home stager in Nashville that created the Psychological Home Staging Certification that has helped our agents win listings and sell homes in less time and for more money than the average home that is not staged. In this broadcast, we went over-

• How the value of a home increases tremendously with proper staging

• The potential loss in a home if it isn’t staged

• How agents can get certified or find a stager that can help with their business.

• How offering staging services to our agents at no additional costs has allowed them to win more listings.

Three Things We're Focusing on in 2019

I was recently a guest on a video podcast with my Friend Joe Herrera from Live Local Real Estate in Las Vegas. If you don't know Joe, he's one of the sharpest guys in the industry when it comes to lead generation and lead conversion. Joe and his partner, Taylor Prince, run a brokerage with 75 agents and bring in over a hundred thousand leads per year. He just launched a new video series called #StudyHall where he interviews top agents across the country and I was honored to be his second guest. In this video, Joe asks what are my three areas of focus in 2019.

Economic Forecast to Newsletter

As real estate agents, we are invited to a number of economic forecasts by title companies, mortgage professionals and home building associations. Ryan shares a tip he's been using for years now on how to take an economic forecast and turn it into a newsletter, blog posts and Facebook and Instagram post.

Why It’s Vital to have a Mobile App and Website For Your Leads

Use the ever-growing nature of technology to your advantage. Ryan and RealSavvy CEO Rick Orr come together to discuss the extreme advantage of having your own branded application and website in order to track and curate leads.

Competing with Discount Brokerages

There are a lot of "disruptors" hitting the marketplace in real estate and you need to be ready to differentiate yourself and demonstrate value when competing against an "Uber" style real estate company or a flat fee brokerage. Ryan interviews top producing agent John Selby with The Selby Team at Compass Real Estate in San Diego and talk about how he does this.

Page vs Profile

Finding a balance between what you post on your Facebook profile page vs your Facebook Business page can be tricky. If you post too much information that doesn't bring value to people on your profile page, then you can really turn people off. Ryan goes over best practices of what to post to each one of these and how you can up your game using social media without being annoying.

Instagram Hashtag Research

Ryan goes over with his team how to implement a plan to use hashtag research to target new users and grow a larger following.

Exactly What to Say

The language you use can impact how potential clients can determine if you are going to be the best option to choose as their agent. Especially when dealing with leads that come from online, the framing of your words can have a big impact on whether they decide to take the next step and invite you to an appointment for a longer interview. I've used these techniques for a while now and the impact has been great.

Income-Producing Activities of Top Agents

Ryan, Matt, and John from Spyglass meet with real estate strategist Lee Adkins to cover the tips and techniques of top producing agents and teams and break down how the best agents in the country spend their time.

Handling Leads with a CRM

In this week's weekly huddle, Ryan goes over with his team how to prioritize leads in their CRM and shows his methods for handling the "low-hanging fruit" leads as well as setting up tips for nurturing pipeline leads.

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