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The Perfect Margarita Recipe w/ Tequila 512

This is our third annual Barton Hills fundraiser with Spyglass Realty and Tequila 512. We are doing it in COVID mode, social distancing, all that jazz. And this time Scott is going to walk us through on how to make the perfect Margarita. But before you do, Scott, let me just make sure you're properly introduced here.

All right, are we ready to get started guys.

Three ingredients, not including the ice in the cup. So, tequila, we need to bond with tequila today, if you have a four-ounce bottle, which should make about two margaritas, lime juice, and sweetener. That's basically it.

There are another couple of things we'll talk about throughout this. You're gonna need, if you want to get fancy, you can ruin the glass or something like this. I'm sure you've all seen this before. And if you want to do that, it's really simple, pour some lime juice on a little plate for the little machine or whatever do you do. I don't think we do that. So I'm not going to on this one. Do that first because it's really hard. To do that if you already have ice in your glass, you're going to rim it, do it before you start, obviously.

So, the basics of it, I'm gonna use a shaker tin, it does work a little better, what you want to do is you want to get a lot of friction with the ice and the lime juice and tequila because really, the ice melting is going to help mellow it out. That's really a key part of it.

What I do when I’ll do this, when I make it in a minute. It's not listed in the ingredients, but especially at the office when we would do big events and big huge batches like you know, we would do like 20- 30-gallon batches 20 times, 30-gallon batches and we add water to the batch because it helps pull it down a bit. What I would do make it at home, we'll put all the ingredients in and then a little secret is pouring splash watering, you know anywhere from half an ounce to an ounce, it helps mellow it out, helps smooth it out.

So sweeteners. I'm going to use this today just Agave Nectar. You can use simple syrup but you can also make it home and super, super easy to make or something even more fancy pro tip. This is Liber & Co. There are tons of them out there. This is a ginger syrup 

That's an Austin based company, called Liber & Co. they make pineapple flavor and ginger and all these other flavors. So if you want to spice it up, just replace your sweetener with this and it's something like this and you can do it.

So the four ounces you have you given up the whole thing in your shaker tin. Take that full Blanco bottle, definitely, whatever you're mixing, that's four ounces of tequila, or one drink or two cocktails, one for you and your spouse and or boyfriend and girlfriend. Super, super simple.

It's going to be two parts tequila, one part lime juice, lime juice to taste. So I put in four ounces tequila, I'm going to put in two ounces of lime juice. Always use fresh, a little plastic real lime bottles, just garbage and if you have that then just use Waterloo water and skip along just all together, and don't worry about making a margarita.

Put in about two ounces of the lime juice. I don't know how much we're in the bottles, you got a line juice, but the whole tequila 

We've got half that bottle then of the lime juice, but you can do it to taste. I mean, this is all this isn't. We're not baking. This isn't science. I mean, you can kind of do whatever you want. And in fact, I'm not even going to measure this. Typically it's going to be the recipe if you want to follow exactly is two parts tequila, one part lime juice, half part sweetener, but it's all the taste. Some people like a sweeter, less sweet, more lime juice, less lime juice, so I'm just gonna put lemon. If you have shaker tins, this is a really good way to do it because it really gets a lot of friction which is really, really key to this.

Shake ‘em up, shake ‘em up, shake ‘em up, shake ‘em  

The beauty of having like such a basic recipe is you can do so many things in the middle so you can, you can run the glass and however you want do something fun with that. Like I said, you can change the syrup up on it if you want. You can top it off with extra tequila. obviously gonna make a little bit stronger. That's really simple and really, really basic. And you're good to go. 

I need to give a shout out to the world's greatest marketer April Alejandro for coming up with this entire idea. She was like, know we should do, and then she had like 15 more ideas on top of this that I couldn't execute on but it was pretty robust. 

So just remember, no matter how many are making how big the batches don't do ounces? Just say parts, right? So I'm going to keep one tequila one part lime juice and a half a part of some sort of sweetener. That's basically it. you can, I mean,

You had me thrown off with the part Scott, I have to say every ounce every recipe that I follow all the cocktails I make, I do it by ounces. So I had to translate my brain but that's very fair.

In parts, it gives you the ability to make six at a time.

Cheers everybody


Thanks for having us. Cheers, y'all.


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