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Finding the perfect home that acts as both a home and a good investment is tough.  When you place over a million dollars into a house, you want to make sure that you've got the right guide to help you navigate this process.  Your family deserves the best quality of life and you deserve the peace of mind that you made a good decision.

Barton Hills Home for Sale on Our Blog

This is the most spectacular listings to hit the market in Barton Hills in recent years, and it's easy to see why.  It's a single story mid-century home with over 3,500 square feet of living space that includes a separate guest home overlooking a pool.  Designed by Kevin Stewart Architecture, this home is to DIE for.  

Having this great listing presented us with a unique opportunity to put our marketing techniques to use and we featured this home on many different platforms as seen here. 

Check out the listing here

Why have dozens of luxury home buyers chosen Spyglass Realty's luxury buyer team?

Ryan, Sunny, and Angel have helped dozens of luxury home buyers make the right choice for their family to lead the life they deserve.  They take great care of each client's needs, desires and criteria to help them find their family's nest.

Why You Need an Agent that Specializes in Luxury Homes

Many homes that are sold over the $1M price range are sold off-market and once you get over the 2 and 3 million dollar price range, this becomes more prevalent.  Why? A few reasons.  For starters, a lot of luxury sellers want privacy.  They don't want a bunch of agents who aren't sure if their clients are qualified to be tromping through their home.  Another reason is that it can be advantageous to buyers to not record the sale on MLS.  This can help new buyers with the tax rate.  Texas is a non-disclosure state, meaning that you don't have to tell the tax office what you paid for your home.  But the tax office has access to MLS so if the home is sold on MLS, then the tax office will know what a buyer paid for it.  If it's sold off-MLS, they probably won't find out and there's a high likelihood that the tax office will appraise the home for lower than they paid for it.  

How do Luxury Buyer's Agents in Austin market homes if they don't post on MLS?  There are several luxury associations that luxury agents in Austin market their listings on. One of the groups we belong to has the requirement that the listing has a price above $1,000,000 and that it now be on MLS.  There are also some Facebook groups that luxury listing agents belong where the homes are marketed. 

You are also going to need to get comparables to make sure you are not overpaying for a home and you're going to need the services of a connected agent that can get comps from outside the MLS.  

We belong to multiple Facebook groups and luxury associations where these off-market listings are advertised and we're very connected with other top-selling agents in Austin.  

Jennifer S.

"I was first referred to Ryan and his company by a friend who lived in Austin.  This friend had used Ryan and really valued his insight of the Austin market and his professionalism.  We were living in Amsterdam at the time.  I'd imagine some realtors would not take a person living abroad seriously and waste their time but Ryan did the opposite!  He called me while I was still in Amsterdam and then after we had arranged a trip to see Austin, he took us around the city and showed us houses that were in our price range.  We appreciated his extra input about the city's neighborhoods and latest happenings/proposed changes.  He did all this even though we had told him Austin was in the running for places to move to - there were other cities we were considering.  That coupled with still living in Europe, not knowing when we would be moving back to the US and that Austin was not a foregone conclusion of where we would live would make any realtor back far away! After seeing the houses and hearing from Ryan about the city, we did decide to buy a house here in Austin.  But we did so while still living in Amsterdam!  To make this even harder on Ryan, we had to do everything remotely.  It all worked out great.  We got the house! but were not planning on moving to Austin until months later.  To further our respect and appreciation, Ryan and Sunny made sure our house was taken care of while we were still in Europe!  Amazing team, amazing people"

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