Why have over 500 Families chosen to list and buy their home with Spyglass Realty?

The process of listing and selling a home at the same is overwhelming.  We help you to make it easier.  

It's a Common Problem

Not being able to afford a new home without selling your current home is a problem we see over and over in Austin.  Especially with the low inventory in Austin, most families are overwhelmed with this process and don't know how to coordinate the maneuver of selling and buying at the same time.   We have the solution.  

Why does Spyglass's experience of helping 600+ families matter? 

Having this much transactional experience under our belts has allowed us to design programs for different types of situations, like the sell/buy situation we line out above.  This much experience has allowed us to really know how to negotiate a proper leaseback, for instance.  Make a backup plan in case the leaseback isn't accepted.  We've done so much with so many families that we line out all the variables to help you achieve your goals.  

Find Out More

You're going to want to see our plans for helping home sellers buy and sell at the same time

You Still Want Top Dollar!

Making the trade-off to a bigger, more expensive home doesn't mean that you have to sell your home for less.  Our sell/buy process is designed to sell your home for the most money while allowing you to buy the home of your dreams at the best possible price.  We know how to coordinate these events.  

Why should you hire a "marketing expert"?

Because marketing the home properly not only lends itself to getting the most money in the least time but it also allows us to negotiate the best terms for you.  When you're selling and buying a home, you really need to have the very best contract terms on your contract to give not only you the peace of mind to feel comfortable with the second transaction but also the listing agent on the home that you're buying.  Remember when we ask the question about why experience matters.  It also matters to the listing agent that we're going to send the offer to on the home you're buying.  When you're submitting an offer on a listing that is contingent on the sale of another home, that listing agent is going to want rock-solid terms.  Marketing helps get those terms because we attract multiple offers in many cases.  

More than One Option

There are several different options to accomplish this transition, depending your financial situation, risk aversion and options, we can help you go over one of 4 different paths through the sell/buy process.  

Which Plan Works for You

We offer three different plans for sellers the sell/buy process. Click below to schedule a 15 minute call on which plan works for your situation

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