Boost Your Production in 2020 

For Newly Licensed Agents with No or Little Transaction Experience

Spyglass Realty is accepting applications for agents that are interested in taking our company leads. We have hundreds of qualified leads coming in each month and not enough agents to take these leads. 

For the first time ever, we are accepting a class of new agents to work our incoming house leads. If accepted, you will have the benefit of our world-class training, technology, and company culture.  If accepted, you will be admitted into our 6-week training course which will go over everything you need to succeed in real estate at the end of the 6 weeks. The time commitment is 2 hours per week plus 1 to 2 hours of homework each week. By the third week, you’ll be given access to our leads which are brought in on a daily basis and sent emails, retargeted on Facebook, Google and Instagram and are messaged via text by our AI text-bot.  You will also be given access to our suite of agent tools. Our January class will be limited to 7 seats and it will be on a first-come, first-serve basis of agents that qualify.  This is not for everyone. Our brokerage does not hire agents that want to work part-time and the average production level of our team is $6M in annual sales. 



Agents with Less than Three Years of Transactional Experience

We are also hiring 3 agents that want to boost their career by participating in company leads program that will not be required to go through the 6-week class. If you are interested in seeing if you qualify for this program, fill out the form above and someone will be in contact with you shortly. This is for the agent who has some transactional experience and knows how to write, contacts, prospect for leads, conduct an open house and communicate effectively with clients before, during and after a transaction. This program is proven to boost your career and add sales.  


Why you would want to consider this program?