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Sell Your House Fast, Steps to Take When Marketing Your Home Landing Page

Ryan Rodenbeck

Ryan started in Austin real estate as an investor in 2001. He looked at all investment opportunities — Austin foreclosures, condos, homes for sale...

Ryan started in Austin real estate as an investor in 2001. He looked at all investment opportunities — Austin foreclosures, condos, homes for sale...

Feb 26 11 minutes read

Welcome to Behind the Scenes with Spyglass Realty with Ryan Rodenbeck. 

Today on the show we are going to go over the steps to take when marketing your home. Did you know that factors such as when you post to MLS and to Zillow can make a huge difference in how fast your home will sell? We will go over all this and more on today's show. 

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Ryan Rodenbeck:  Ever wondered what the steps you are your agent needs to take when you actually list your home on the market. We're going to go over all of that and more in today's video.

Welcome back to the show. I'm Ryan Rodenbeck and this is my associate Matt Edwards and today we're going to go over the steps of what you and your agent needs to do when you list your home on the market on opening weekend. I want everyone to know that in the description box below, there's going to be a link to an E-paper where we cover most of the things that we covered in all this video series and it's the top five essential tips you need to do to sell your Austin home for more money.

Matt Edwards:  All right, so in the last video we covered the prelaunch process and today we're going to cover, you know, it's time to hit the market, hit right so you always list homes on Thursday.

Ryan: Yes, that’s correct.

Matt: Why is that?

Ryan: We always listen on a Thursday afternoon because it's the day of the week that brings the most demand and what I mean by that is, if you think about it, if you list on a Monday, I mean the whole idea of listening is to get as many people in your home as quick as possible, ok? So if you list to on a Monday, people work most, most people work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So if you list on a Friday, which would seem a logical choice, that would seem to be a very good time to list, except for one thing, most default in the MLS’s, if an agent sets up an auto search, it doesn't go to the consumer until the very next morning. Say you list on Friday, they might not know about it until Saturday. So we always list on Thursday afternoon.

Matt: What do the sellers need to do on opening weekend?

Ryan: Yeah. So it's really a good question. The way that we structure our advertising is to bring a lot of push on that very opening weekend. So what we tell our sellers to do is to try to have something planned the entire weekend and best case situation, they'd go out of town that weekend, ok? So the reason that we're doing that is we want the house to be as in as pristine a condition as possible. We want any potential buyers to have as much access to the house as possible and if we're negotiating contracts, we want to be able to tell the other agent, the buyer's agent that our clients are largely unavailable. That make sense?

Matt: It does, it does and also doesn't that kind of coincide with having open houses that opening weekend as well?

Ryan: Absolutely and we do that every opening weekend, yeah.

Matt: Perfect. The Friday, you know, the clients are leaving first thing Saturday morning, what should they do to the home before they reach out?

Ryan: Yeah, so in our previous video, which you can get in the description below, we went through the steps of coming soon and how to prepare the house to market. So, the seller is going to have the staging consultation form. They need to go back and do the checklist of that. They're already going to have the pictures of the property because we do a pre MLS coming soon, campaign five to seven days before the property is listed, go through the stage consultation, reference the photos and try to put the home in the condition it was when the pictures were taken. Now with us, most of the time our home stager will go back to the house that opening weekend and make sure everything's pristine.

Matt: That's good. What does an agent doing say between, you know, Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning?

Ryan:  Yeah. So there's a whole list that we go through, but basically what the agent is going to want to do is schedule the open house that weekend, ok? When you schedule the open house, you're listing the property to the MLS on Thursday. You're going to put the open house in MLS and then it gets fed automatically to Zillow. Now, because we do a coming soon on Zillow which has to be manually put in. We also want to wait a couple hours after the MLS, make sure it goes into Zillow, canceled the coming soon on MLS and also make sure that the Zillow is updated with the proper open house time and date. If it's not overpopulated, you want that put in there. So it was a big push for open house and people that are looking at Zillow for open houses.

The way that we recommend doing things is, we do a video walk through the house. The video is put on our blog but there's not a way for Zillow to automatically upload it to a lot of video to Zillow, so it has to be manually done through an actual person at Zillow corporation. Now we can do it through if you have the Zillow app, which we're not a big fan of because you can do video walkthroughs on a house with a video out but if you'll do a professional video like we do, that has to be manually put in.

So now the agent needs to make sure that the video is manually put in and then there's a couple more steps so in our previous video, we gave you some steps of what the agent needs to do to prepare the home to pre-market. To pre-market the home, coming soon, pre MLS, you're going to go back to all those posts and kind of, you know, basically re-do everything you did except where it says coming soon, you change that to just listed and then in  addition to that, you're also going to reference the open house. So they're going to basically do a Facebook ad that says, “Just listed home in South Austin. Open house, Saturday and Sunday from one to four.” They're going to go to the agent only groups, they're going to give-- This is Facebook groups that only have agents in them. You're going to go in and put just-listed open house date, send your clients by. You're also going to send another E-flyer to 2 or 3000 agents in that area saying the exact same thing and then that's basically the process of having a very successful launch on opening weekend.

Matt: What are some of the key things that you like to target?

Ryan: Yeah, so we'd keep it very simple. We've spent thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of dollars on Facebook advertising and there are a lot of different demographics you can put in there to target different people. We don't do that anymore-

Matt: OK.

Ryan: -and here's why, because the one thing we do, do is age. We do, you know, 21 and up, ok? But that's the only one that we do because what we found is that if you have a hot property and you target that geographic area to where that's located, you're going to get the people in there but if you do a big wide spread of all the people in, you know, a six mile radius of the property, maybe even bigger than that, we get free advertising for that and what happens with that is we see time and time again, people going into the ad, putting the comment and tagging their friend, that maybe looking for around that area.

The more engagement you get off of an ad, the more likes you have, the more comments you have, the more shares you have, the bigger impact that has and because of the things that we do when we market a property, we have a 10% engagement rate. When we started it was like 3% or 4%. It's huge.

Matt: It makes sense.

Ryan: Yeah.

Matt: Somebody's going to tag somebody in that ad-

Ryan: Yeah

Matt: -they obviously know what their friend or family member is looking for-

Ryan:  Yeah.

Matt:  -and you're casting a wider net and letting it narrow it down itself.

Ryan: Yeah, and then when they, when they share it, that Facebook algorithm looks at that and say, “Hey, this is something that people like.”

Matt:  I like it.

Ryan: Yeah.

Matt: Starting to next week's, what does the process of continuing to market that house look like?

Ryan: Yeah, so you know, the way that we design this process is that we're trying to bring out as much demand on that property as possible, ok? And because we do so many different steps in marketing the property that, you know, we're very successful given the right time of the year in getting the property sold that first weekend but it doesn't always happen, I'll be honest with you, ok?

Matt: Right.

Ryan: It happens a lot but when the time comes that, that weekend’s over with, you don't get any offers, then what we're going to do is, you know, in the last video we said that your agent needs to set up an audience and Google analytics, ok?

Matt: Ok.

Ryan: The reason we did this is because once Google, once you set up an audience, basically you take the blog post and you put it in Google audience, ok? You get a 120 people, I think it is, then which we have by the time it's listed to the coming soon process, the other 120 visitors on the blog posts where we house the listing, there are the five things we love about this home, we got the video, we got the photos, we got the location, then we're able to re target through Google AdWords, its the display network and I explained this a little bit in the last video, but what we do there is similar to when you find something on home depot or Lowe's and it follows you around the Internet. So we're doing that with listings. So we continue to do that. We check all the feedback from agents, we try to create some demand, we ask if there's anything that the buyer might want to see that will get them to write an offer on it and then we continue pushing the property for but like I said, I say between the months of January and May, our days on market average or I think nine. So we get a lot of it done that first or second weekend.

 Matt: Quicker banks.

Ryan:  Yeah.

Matt:  I like it.

Ryan: Yeah. So the next step I think is what you're going to ask is, you know, when we got that offer, right?

Matt: Right.

Ryan: So I'm very excited about this because you know, this whole series of videos is about, you know, selling your Austin property and buying at the same time, ok?

 So on our next video, which you can see right up here, or click the description and you can see the link to the next video, we're going to go into the steps of negotiating the contract on your home, which is super important when you're buying a new home, negotiating a lease back in the best case scenario and then properly structuring the offer to a listing agent that is contingent on the sale of your existing home. This is really hard stuff to do. We've got it completely lined out, all the steps and all these videos are made so that we can have a proper negotiation on the home that you're buying and we're going to cover that in our very next video. See you then.

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