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Why It’s Vital to have a Mobile App and Website For Your Leads

Ryan Rodenbeck

Ryan started in Austin real estate as an investor in 2001. He looked at all investment opportunities — Austin foreclosures, condos, homes for sale...

Ryan started in Austin real estate as an investor in 2001. He looked at all investment opportunities — Austin foreclosures, condos, homes for sale...

Jan 21 19 minutes read


Ryan: Hey, why is it you would need your own branded property search or app, instead of using third party apps for your clients or potential clients or leads to search on? We're going to cover that today and figure out why agents or at least the agents that the team leads or brokers are working to need their own branded web search as well as an app when they're helping buyers and sellers and investors. Join us in just a second. If you're watching this video on Facebook and found this helpful comment below, subscribe to future broadcast. Comment “agent” below to subscribe to future broadcasts. If you're watching this on Youtube, like, and subscribe to our channel and if all, as always, if you have topics or questions you would like us to cover, comment below. So this is our very first broadcast. It's 2019 and very excited about this. I'm going to be doing this every two weeks. We're covering topics that are important to real estate agents that make them more effective, more productive. And today I'm very excited to have my friend and vendor, Rick Orr,with RealSavvy and we’re talking about mobile apps and how they can affect your business by a landslide. So a grid after we move on. Yeah. Okay. Rick, how are you?

Rick: Good. Hi Ryan. Thanks for having me.

Ryan: Good. Good. So tell us about what you do. I know you're the CEO of RealSavvy. Tell us what you guys do.

Rick: Yeah. So a 20 year kind of realtor broker in the industry. We needed more context and data and it's part and parcel to this conversation with the buyer agents, work with clients more useless. So we might call the industry and on one platform with website, Idx, crm, really rich kpis, but with a, a mobile app, which is really the center point of all of that experience. It's a very mobilized world for both agent and client. And that's what we do.

Ryan: Sure. Okay. So when I'm talking to agents about this stuff, you know, part of what, what I think this is so important is if you're working online leads and leads it specific people that may have not signed a buyer rep with you ride. We'll start with that. So why do you think it's important for a real estate agent to either have these tools themselves or at least be part of a brokerage or a team that has these tools?

Rick: Yeah, thank you. Want to have that direct sort of connected tissue to the client that you are able to get through another sort of product like a consumer portal that it's only uni agents. The way we work, you know, you the connected agent are on every single listing, not representing as a listing agent listing, but several given your client's ability to do the things in the real world that we as realtors are sort of known for. That mobile app gives you the digital implement tech to be able to sort of bridge the gap with search to actual connection and relationship. And that's why it's so, so important. And also, you don't want your buyers to, especially in a non buyer world, to click inadvertently the wrong button on one of the other consumer portal apps and inadvertently sort of establish a formal agency relationship with, with another agent. Right. So having your own branded thing is a great way to sever the dependency on what maybe had gotten them moving in the portal when it comes to actionable data, real less data. It's the broker connected to the MLS apps like savvy that really Cetera, that dependency.

Ryan: What’s funny is I had a couple of years ago, I had an experience where my babysitter who is real close to us and she's been with us for like eight years and she went through, she saw for her boyfriend looking on her property and we'd set them up on something and they didn't know. They just didn't know what they were doing and they, they actually signed a buyer's rep with an agent to go see a property, you know. I look back on that, that's my fault. Like I should have had her on my technology, right And I think that for agents that are out there, that are working internet leads, I mean it's a grind, right And you know, it takes a while to get a lead converted sometime. So you really need to have a system out there where you're the source for everything.

Ryan: Otherwise you'll get swooped up. It's unless you have a really good relationship, even if you have a good relationship, sometimes that can happen. I mean like our people here have converted people who's good friends or agents, you don't want to drop the ball by doing that. So what we're talking about here is a, a IDX search that sends out the property listings. You can set up a search for them in the back end of the system and there's many platforms to do this. I just happened to yours and I think your authority on this. And you know what I like about, again, a lot of people do it right, but I liked. Let's talk about yours because I'm familiar with years and years. There's a lot of stuff that others don't, but basically when a lead those online, anything that they search, whether it be on the mobile app or on the search portal is reported through either your crm and in our case we have Follow Up Boss and that da/ta is transferred to follow up boss. Right

Rick: Correct. Real time.

Ryan: Yeah. I'm going to share my screen here. So I wanted to show you here is, is like this is FollowUpBoss and a lot of different do this. But you can look here and see what are the properties that she viewed. You can look at what the saved. I think she had some saved ones but they're probably no longer valid. Then I think click on any one of these pages and it will pull up the property. I don't want to do that because this is an older early, but if you look at all activity actually is one of your guys. But you can just see what they looked at was what are you, what do you, what do you call that technology. And we go back to remove the screen.

Rick: Yeah. Like I said, relationships are what makes real estate such an important part of purchasing. In fact, it relates to why people get a little confused like your babysitter and ended up inadvertently going the wrong direction away from the trusted Ryan. They'd known for so long. It's so emotional. They're excited kinds of lifestyle, porches. They want to go get in almost against no matter what anybody could say in the world, like can't hold them back and it's not their fault for that, but you need to be as on top of the data stream as, as quickly in that process as possible. And only on your own website and on their own app, whether it's us or another, you know, kind of all in one platform. Can you achieve that level of context to do what you do in the relationship business. So what is the digital world needs to arm you with these insights.

Rick: Real kind of orders which are integration course since everything directly to follow up off and get text alerts on you to get the media texts that they're online looking at, say something and it's just about speed because they're emotional in the moment, trying to get in easily say just knock on the door, the agent there or something and the other agent and all you want to know is that they need to and it's hard as an agent and a database like yours where you've got thousands of people that you could talk to you on any given day who's doing something meaningful. Right. That was the way that we work. Follow up boss really focuses on those, like the tech call, like a two by four to the face kind of call to action with Brian. Don't get away from him today without calling this one person. Right. That's what digital sort of mobile enabled data can do.

Ryan: Yeah, I'd say it has a little bit to do with lead conversion as well. It's not just retainment, but it's also conversion and I'll give you an example of that. Like, when you have someone that's logged onto your side that you know, there's, you know, a terms of service or whatever they're aggrieved or cookies and whatnot, right Like you want to look and especially like we bring in hundreds of leads per month, right? We don't have our agents even call believe that, you know, registered two months ago and has not been back. We'd go into follow up boss. We look at the last activity in the last person that visited the site. And then when we look at what they looked at, I mean, look, if you've got a lead that you're working with and they've gone to your about us page, then that's good indicator, you should probably call them.

Ryan: Right Another thing that we're doing in our brokerage is like, we're, as part of a, you know, we do the Christmas conversion code, a outline, I call it instead of a script, but we have what they call feature benefit tiedown, right Where we're telling people this is one reason that you should use us. And do you know the reason you should use this as, because you'll be ahead of the game and don't you agree that you would want to work with someone that is using this technique a right So one of our feature benefit tiedowns is off market properties. So one of the tricks that we've used, my sales manager, Johnny is like out there like crazy fighting any off market property he can. He's got every wholesaler he's scours all the broker sites on Facebook for coming soon’s and whatnot.

Ryan: So one of the tricks that we're using is we're working with someone and we'd go to the boss and we see, okay, here's somebody that's looking in like Avery Ranch neighborhood, right And we see what they look at then we're looking at are off market list and say, Hey, I saw you were looking at in Avery ranch, have you seen this off market property here? That leads to a whole other conversation, right? So, what we're doing is we're using the technology to see what they're looking at. And chances are the house that we happen to know that in that entity is not going to work for them, opens a door for a conversation, we're able to do this through using your technology, using curators technology, using the technology of Real Feeks and figuring out like, here is what, what they have or what they're looking for. And then trying to find something similar to open that door conversation. Want to switch gears real quick with, with the app. So Rick just got the app up and running for us a couple of weeks ago and I think it's fantastic. Give us a rundown on what the app does and how people should be using it.

Rick: It's a formidable challenge. You've got people that are used to maybe sell more red sand and those are great to get them moving and starting to build momentum in it. Oftentimes passive stays purchase, but when it comes time to engaging with, when it's an online lead that you've just shown you through off market knowledge, even sell property, they buy like continuing in a meaningful conversation, you know, we felt that the next phase of that approach and there, how do you get the lead in, no matter how new hub sort generate that meaningful conversation, it's how do you convert them into dollars. Right? So our APP centers around a concept of collaboration is what I found in 20 years of selling houses, probably more in the area of higher than other where we’re getting husband and wife for instance, to kind of move together.

Rick: I always knew in my gut was a more likely scenario towards close. And so what we've done is we've put this invitation model, not just, you know, you can find everything this year. You draw polygons, you guys intensely rich neighborhood search, which is very unique in the mobile app world, a shape files and all that stuff. And so that'll kind of get them moving. But the ability to invite to what we call “elections homeworks,” where you can say, you know, Ryan and Bites Bob and sue, husband and wife and Bob pens a home from the app that he's standing in front of the location, aware sue knows about it. Ryan was about against any and every link goes right back into the app and every bit of data is being sent through the RealSavvy back end to follow up boss and your level of context around their commitment to people liking something is at least 10 times more valuable than that

Rick: So that level of collaborative sort of engagement is we feel very differentiated in the marketplace and we started our business around the mobile experience added web and other things in the past, but as time went on, but it's a very modular system and you're a great example of that where you have all these different products which they mean very savvy sort of pun intended. I guess brokers will engage all points, possibly get to a point of a real client looking to find a home we want to take over. Is that conversion engine towards the closing table, not necessarily just the sort of a lead to converting to a clock.

Ryan: Right Right. And so what Rick is saying here, is that basically, you know, he has in his app and his website or whatever is it, you can add collaborators to that same, I guess it's called a search portal, right? Where it's almost like you're sharing, you know, husband and wife or a mother and a father or sharing the data, they can make notes, they can share, they can pick favorites, they can send it to each other and the agent gets that data back, which I think is extremely invaluable when it comes to lead conversion. And then this isn't really have anything to do with lead conversion, but I can, if you want to kind of brag on this a little bit. So the, here's my mobile which is right there. Right. And so it's branded and then I'm gonna see if I can show you. So, goMLS is an APP that we have the board of realtors and I'm very involved with authors, but you know, I'm not a big fan that app as it relates to the agents. You guys have run an API through your service to go. Right So basically if I can kind of show what it does here, if you go down to.

Rick: Yeah. I can show you one real quick.

Rick: Yeah. So this will be the same view that the consumer has except for this little green button as agent only date. And I'll kind of sensitive on there, but you know, this is the agent bits. How do I get in the door? What do I need to know? And certainly passed to the listing agent. For instance, someone we both know in this case on the farm locally, you don't pass the information about what I'm asking about the address in Miami. It's just convenience feature, but were any, any in Alaska connected with most of the regional unless of the country where we have a connection that button's there for every agent just to make it easier because what happens is inevitably in a mobile business like real estate and say you're at a stoplight when your client pins on RealSavvy or your Spyglass app, you get a text message and you can just in one click find out if it's a service, if you have nearby, and importantly you can delight that customer because remember they have that emotional moment of like, I want to get in right now. Hey listen, I'll meet you there right now. Right? And so the alternative is a lot of switching around apps and the data isn't in those other apps that had been there before. And that's sort of the center point of it. All of a virtuous flywheel of data and relationship where we tried it.

Ryan: Yeah. And then the goMLS for me is clunky, man. I mean, I'm using your stuff all the time now. Like I mean for forget the consumer facing stuff. Like I love it because you can, you can look on him, see where the properties are at from your app. You can hit the direction buttons, it will open up a map that, you know, whatever map you have, load at Google maps, yahoo, or apple give you direction to the text. You could sit in an email, you can call. I think it's wildly efficient. So,I can't give enough Kudos to you guys were great. It's such a great app and you know, I think our agents are really liking it and we're using it, the app and the search for in order to get new business. So once again, I have a lot of different vendors and I love them. All your stuff is, is, is great. You know, I want to quite frankly, I'll tell you, I have a real geek site that I'm ready to get rid of and replaced with yours and I'm looking forward to that. So where can people find you.

Rick: Yeah. So There's a box right there in the page. You can ask this question and charge the answered questions quickly. You don't always have time. I understand that. Yeah. Our team is always ready to talk you through the different needs that you have. Importantly, you know, if you have an existing website just as Ryan did, you don't have, it's not an all in one and a half by everything. We do this industry, I think very differently, a lot of people and that we're trying to make parts that integrate with other players. So it takes a village, we love FollowupBoss because their api is rich like our we could make for seamless sort of interactivity. It's very modular. We have a crm for those that need a very lightweight one and then we integrate with others, as I mentioned with a customizable web is a key piece of it as well, but yet a RealSavvy that comes. 

Ryan: Yeah. And he knows how these relationships and he plays well with others and it's made a really good relationship for us. So we're going to let you go. Thank you for being on a broadcast a day. If you're watching this on Facebook, type the word “agent” in the comment section below to be subscribed to future broadcasts. If you're watching this on youtube, like, click to subscribe, hit the bell button. If you want to be notified when a future broadcast come out. I will be back in two weeks. I'm not going to be back on Friday, but I'll be back on Thursday. We're going to do a live segment from Inman connect in New York City. Rick will be there. And we're going to. I'm going to do a recap of what are the trending issues in real estate of what I've learned that week, so I'll look forward to seeing all you guys there. Well, if you're subscribing to the show, we'll put an announcement letting you know what day and time that's going to be. Now that's a wrap for today, Rick. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

Rick: Cheers. Cheers.

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