Handling Objections in Austin Real Estate

John McCarthy [00:02:23] What I want to do is go over a couple scenarios with the Austin real estate agents that are taking lead some things that you guys are hearing that are you're stumbling maybe on conversations and what can we do to help prompt those conversations and conversion. So I know I'm curious to hear from Chris Amato a little bit to see because I know newer into the game with taking on leads and usually opens good conversation for me with newer agents taking leads on kind of conversion stuff. So, Chris, with the leads you're taking, calls you're making when you get someone on the phone, what's kind of a big objection that you're hearing?

Chris Amato [00:03:12] So far, if I've gotten them on the phone, it's pretty much either been a pretty good conversation or the only objections that have really come across that I haven't overcome would be like they already are working with a Realtor. Sometimes I've even had one yesterday where they said they have had a realtor that they've used on the last four or five transactions, but nothing's set in stone. And so I gave her my information, she said she would follow up with me if she decided not to go that way. So that I still have that as an open opportunity. But yeah, I haven't had a whole lot. Like I said, there's been plenty that I haven't been able to get ahold of. But when I have gotten a hold of them, they've been pretty good conversations, a couple with low credit scores. Another one I guess, you know, find a virtual.

John McCarthy [00:04:05] So even with that couple points on that one Realtor. Living in Austin and some of you guys have heard me because it's, you know, I've got a scripted response, two of them for "are you working with the realtor?", are you using that? We went over that, you know, are you one? I'll say so. Are you 100% committed to working with that realtor and signing exclusive agreements to work with them? Or might you be open-minded to see how another Top Producing Realtor in town can help you out?" I say that every single time verbatim word for word. Even like there are 15,000 realtors in Austin. That's basically a coin flip.

If you're talking to one that's even sold a house in the last six months, you know, most of them don't even sell homes. Our team, we teach our real estate firm we're selling over 100 million dollars in real estate this year. So it sounds like that's the type of real estate agent you want working for you. So like you'll hear those all the time, like our realtor or my family member I my cousin, my aunt, my uncle, even on the lending side, I heard it. My uncle is a lender. And we're probably going to purchase an investment property from him. And I was like, oh, cool, you're, you know, sometimes people that I'm working with, they don't want family member knowing about all their finances and details of when they're purchasing a home. Why don't you go ahead and talk to one of our lenders, they can give you a competitive rate, they tell me they're gonna beat everybody's scenario out there. So let's send them your let your uncle's rate sheet and let them compare, shall we?

So that's kind of something you guys you know, work on kind of scripting that type of thing. Our lender says they're gonna beat every rate out there. Let's go ahead and have them give you a second opinion. Right now rates are incredibly low, things are moving. I hear they may be going lower. I wouldn't say that so much like Shelby and Micah tell him that. Let's see who else has been making a bunch of calls lately. Want to call on someone else?

Ryan Rodenbeck [00:05:51] I got one thing I just wanted to say real quick, Johnny, is that what we should start putting into the FDP are like the escalation clause? I'm sure you haven't used it yet, but nobody else had that.

John McCarthy [00:06:08] Yeah, that's a good idea. Put that together. Who else has been making a bunch of calls lately and actually making contacts with people and I get a couple of objections or rebuttals out there. You guys have been hearing kind of go over some conversion techniques to get through those.

Ryan Rodenbeck [00:06:25] I don't know if Matt's on the phone, but I know he did.

Taylor Homuth [0:06:57] I know one of the ones that I get is Bad Credit. I think I've gotten like four or five of those recently. I asked them if they're working with anybody to help, you know, improve that. And if not, then we have a couple of people that I would advise them that do a great job and can help them improve it.

John McCarthy [00:07:22] Nice. Yeah. That's good.

Ryan Rodenbeck [00:07:25] Quick question here. Is this something that that Shelby and Micah own? I'm on the call, but it's something they help with?

John McCarthy [00:07:32] With credit? They are on the call both of them I'll respond first, and then I'll let them answer because that comes up all the time, credit, finances and something I like to say when it comes down whatever they are telling me about their issue for finances. I say, oh, is that what your mortgage lender told you is the problem? Because that one uncovers whether or not they're working with a mortgage lender, and if it helps continue that conversation there's several different ways a conversation can go on. After that, it's like, oh, yes. Okay, cool. Well, let's get a second opinion or no, I'm not working with a mortgage lender.

So yeah, that's where your benefit, Taylor comes into, right? Like, you know, our mortgage lender, they look and they help people and this is what I tell him because I'm confident in our lenders, because the other option would be sending them to a credit repair company. And our lenders tell us, we don't need to send people to a credit repair companies let them look at it first. They will be able to run your credit, look at it through the lens of purchasing a home and help you help advise you on how to help put your credit in order to put kind of a timeline together to purchase a home.

You're right within. I'll go ahead and send over a little introduction email to Shelby and Micah they'll reach out to you guys and I'd probably I read what's in the template email that goes to them. I prompt them go ahead and have them run your credit get a full financial snapshot let them see what we're looking at. Because until you do that I really don't know how I'm going to be able to help you find a house. You know I get excited about looking at houses but I really can't 'til the lender tells us what you guys can do, right? Shall we might get how much counseling do you guys do with credit?

Shelby Campbell [00:09:04] We have a department actually. We'll do it a little bit, especially if they're super close, we'll just take over because we have our same analyzers. And but if we're pretty far we have at the department we kind of handed off to they did the same thing, but they help with the follow-up, they give them their plan, whether that be six months a year, and a follow up with them once a month, and see how they're doing and see if they're actually doing anything that we've asked them to do.


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John McCarthy [00:09:35] Right. Yeah, I've seen Shelby and Micah has lists of people that they're working on that are Spyglass leads, and how they're categorized and you know, there's a bunch of them that are there's a bunch of them that need credit work. So you guys should see those leads, shall Micha will be prompting you guys to follow up with those leads as time goes on, because those are ones that are usually harder for you guys to stay in front of but have them help and they'll ping you through FollowUpBoss like, hey, it's been like a month. They're doing better going through my quick temp check call type thing.

Ryan Rodenbeck [00:10:13] Yeah, Johnny, I heard you calling me right before I lost connection. But I'm back now. So tell me what you're asking

John McCarthy [00:10:19] So I know that you've been making a bunch of calls lately. I'm looking for some objections that you're getting on your calls when you're connecting with someone that maybe is a stumbling block on your call.

Cory Mortensen [00:10:31] Yeah, so last week was really good for me as far as like claiming leads and being able to get in contact with people. The biggest objection really was like their credit like you guys just talked about it. And because I've been able to get people on the phone, chat with them and not they're either looking for later down the line, or they're ready to buy now but their credit is isn't good and they can't get pre-qualified. So just lately just been establishing relationships and setting the tone to follow up later with them and guide them through the process.

John McCarthy [00:11:10] Yeah, so credit we're seeing that a lot. I recommend having like one or two written type of scripted responses that you guys use just one every single time that addresses it's in the conversion code script. It's the RP acknowledge, repeat and pivot. So now is a credit issues. That's cool. So does everybody else you know, whatever. So you're acknowledging it, repeating it, the credit issues and then pivot is, you know, let's get you on track.

If you're looking at houses, you may as well go ahead and talk to a mortgage lender as well. To help complete this picture, help complete this home buying dream. Most people that I'm talking to that are looking at houses online, you do want to buy a home you just need help putting a plan together, and that's where me and our mortgage lenders come into play so we can help you put that plan.
Kind of save every single time that you guys get that response because it's going to get the conversation back on track and help you kind of go hand them over to show me Micah or set up your follow up for six months or whatever it is. Let's see who else is got any objections at the end? It doesn't have to be like house leads that are getting have bad credit or anything but like, maybe you guys are meeting people or you're having video meetings and there's just an objection or something that's keeping you from converting a client. Are you losing a deal? Does anybody have a scenario there?

Right, houseful of rockstars. Don't lose them. Actually. I did lose a deal. I take these moments sometimes. And I'm here to because there's downer moments and it's one Shelby I'm not sure if you guys got to work with her. Angela Southern but it was a Dave Ramsey lead that came in and she kind of ghosted or something. She actually was in touch with Shelby and Micah still, and they is very close to them getting the deal, but not me. Which is really cool to see that happen. And that would be, you know, it's awesome for our lender partners to get deals, even we're not working. I think that comes with some time in relationships.

Chris Amato [00:13:25] I'd like to give a shout out to Micah. This weekend. He was huge for me. I called him on Saturday. And he answered and he ended up getting my It was a house lead, pre-qualified. And I bugged him a couple different times over the weekend. He was super responsive and a huge help. And I think they're still looking at places, but I think it turned into maybe two deals for them too.

Cory Mortensen [00:13:52] I've got a question for Ryan. On the newsletter. Do we have some way of tracking what they click on? I know that we can see like if they open the email, but is there a way to track what they actually look into specifically because I would like to be able to follow up with the people that are checking our newsletter out.

Ryan Rodenbeck [00:14:10] And so if you send it, then yes, if Kelly sent it for you, then no. So that's all we try to get it. So she sets it up, it's pretty easy, you know? But like all things we'd rather have it done than not done. So we kind of set it up and say, okay, here's your chances. And this is why we set it up for you guys to send it on your own. So that you have the ability to click and see who opened you know what not only who opened but who all who clicked on it, right. So you know, next time it's a good point next time that she, she brings up hey, you don't have until five o'clock today to send that if you don't I'll send it on your behalf. The only reason we do that is so that, for you to send it, you can actually go back and do that and look and see who clicked on what. And then pretend like you don't know. And you know, let leave the conversation starter.

John McCarthy [00:15:18] Have you guys been scheduling and holding many Zoom or video meetings with clients?

John Crowe [00:15:35] I have. They're great. I wish I did more of this years ago.

John McCarthy [00:15:53] Yeah. Well, it's funny, it's kind of I thought I'd hear more of you guys. That would have more video. Meeting greets because that's kind of turned into like a new conversion technique. You know, it's I love that. Are you looking to make a move soon? Are you just looking for fun? Are you looking to make a move soon? Or would you be willing to schedule a quick video meet and greet? Um, you know a lot. I just I asked that because a lot of people are very responsive to that like yeah, sure, even if it's a quick call, but like it's easier now I long story short, it's easier now to convert leads I've seen than ever now because like, there's people were talking they're curious if you can spout out one or two I'll say scripted responses that make you sound really good that you know, that's all you need is a hook. You know, that's it. And because you already have I mean, all you guys here I know you guys are good at what you do. So you need a hook. It's usually to cut something repetitive that sounds awkward to kind of keep them in your wheelhouse but like oh you guys you open a quick video meet and great. I'm scheduling video meetings with people I don't even want a video meet and greet with just because I'm saying I like shit. Now I got a video meeting at eight o'clock. Like I own investor lead. I'm like, I can't handle that. I was like, wow.

Ryan Rodenbeck [00:16:57] I'll tell you that it's proven that. The video is going to establish a better relationship than a call. Right. So it's the next best thing to a meeting and I'm glad you said that. I think it's really important that you do that and I would encourage more of it.

John McCarthy [00:17:15] Yeah, I mean, maybe it's out of necessity like I can't leave to go meet people face to face, but I still need to meet people convert them and get them into houses. So and also there are their folks out of state you know, California I'm recognizing there's a lot of numbers and leads coming in from California, they're two hours earlier. So those have been really easy to get meet and greets, like for like seven or eight o'clock for me is like yeah, right after work for them. It's fine. So start, you know, maybe a little challenge startup putting that out there and see if you guys start schedule, more video meeting greets. Cory, you guys that have a challenge. We put that out there.

Ryan Rodenbeck [00:17:55] And it's a quick thing about videos. Didn't like we did our first round of videos this last weekend, we're going to be doing 12 a month for the next couple months. And just wanted to give a little statement that the people that are handling this are doing it really well. For the most part, we're not, you know, by now it's like, you know you're not even that close to the body. So, anyway, be looking out for that. It'll be another 30 days for the next one. We're gonna get to 12 agents.

Sunny Tracey [00:18:36] John, do you want to tell us about your experience making the video and tell everybody how easy it was?

John Crowe [00:18:43] Yeah, it was it was really good. I mean, most of you know that. My standard video stuff is me staring at a screen trying to figure out what I'm gonna say 20 times over. They were really good Albert. Then I guess the director helped kind of prompt me. I think the only thing I'd say is get out. Get the questions in front of everybody in advance next time because I just sort of gave them to me on-site if they were there I missed them. So maybe that's my fault but there were still pretty easy to handle just kind of you know the things, what do you like about Spyglass? Who's your favorite kind of clients? What areas do you serve? How long you've been in business? They made it super easy to get through. It was I mean, it was as professional as I think anything can get. And I was in and out in an hour and I pocket to stay there longer. It actually wasn't it wasn't painful. Normally that stuff is hard, really hard for me, and pretty painful, but it was great.

John McCarthy [00:19:41] Cool. Thanks for sharing, john. Yeah. That's kind of it for today's huddle, guys, unless anyone else has, you know, an objection or something that you want to kind of hash through.

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