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Three Things Every Agent Needs to Succeed

Ryan Rodenbeck

Ryan started in Austin real estate as an investor in 2001. He looked at all investment opportunities — Austin foreclosures, condos, homes for sale...

Ryan started in Austin real estate as an investor in 2001. He looked at all investment opportunities — Austin foreclosures, condos, homes for sale...

Nov 20 3 minutes read

I meet with at least one real estate agent per month.  Most of these meeting are done as favors to a mutual friend, to give the agent the advice they need to succeed as a new agent in this industry.  However, I am always on the lookout for new talent and I realized that we need to grow our company in order to keep up with the ongoing leads that we are bringing in.  We have a very hefty budget and bring in hundreds of leads per month.  And what's more, not all of our agents take "house" leads.  We teach our agents that, in the beginning, you really need to focus on lead generation in order to build a repeatable business of past clients, investors and referrals.  

But, we're picky.  We won't just hire any agent.  We want someone that has either a past career in sales or the personality of a natural born salesman.  

Here are the three things that are essential to building a repeatable business year after year and we provide them all for you.  

  1. LEADS - Most real estate gurus will say "you're not in the real estate business, you're in the leads business."  This can be tough for new agents, not knowing where to start.  We provide our agents a pool of leads that refreshes monthly that can be picked from.
  2. TRAINING - And we're not just talking about real estate contract training.  Yes, that's part of it, but we provide best practices for generating your own leads, networking, making yourself look like a professional, and marketing yourself on social media.  
  3. CRM SYSTEM - A CRM, otherwise known as a Customer Retention Management system, is a system where you can put each and every lead, past client or person you know that may be either one of these. It allows you to set up email drip campaigns and send out a monthly newsletter.  We have worked on our CRM for years, developing intricate emails designed to let our potential clients know what we're about, and then send them monthly economic newsletters pertaining to the greater Austin area. If you want to sample some of our newsletters, look through our blog and you'll see some past ones.  We write these for you and send them out on your behalf to your database of clients.  

We are a boutique real estate firm that believes in providing excellent customer service and has commitment to technology and marketing. You can meet our team on our about page here. We are looking for a few good agents to help grow our company.  If you think you may be a fit for our organization, please fill out the contact form here to schedule an interview.  We only have a couple of spots in this current on-boarding.  

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