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A few Austiny things to do During Excellence

Ryan Rodenbeck

Ryan started in Austin real estate as an investor in 2001. He looked at all investment opportunities — Austin foreclosures, condos, homes for sale...

Ryan started in Austin real estate as an investor in 2001. He looked at all investment opportunities — Austin foreclosures, condos, homes for sale...

Nov 20 7 minutes read

Next week, there are going to be about a thousand real estate agents converging in Austin for the Curaytor’s annual conference called Excellence.  I'm a Curaytor client as well as a friend to the owners, employees and many of their other clients.  One of the things that is heavily promoted in this culture of content marketing. I happen to be an avid content marketer. I’ve been wanting to do a piece like this for people that are coming to Austin for a few days and wanted to put a small list of things together of what they can do while at an event or a conference in downtown Austin. 

Before we go any further, let me clarify that this isn't a "best of Austin" list.  You can go to Google for that.  You're in Austin for a real estate conference and you're not going to want to take very much time away from that.  But if you make it in a day early or leave a date late, number one and two can be done at once or if you're an early riser, some of these things will be relevant.

Get the most AMAZING breakfast tacos in All of Austin

Breakfast tacos are a way of life in Austin.  People are very passionate about them and everyone in Austin has their pick for the best breakfast tacos in Austin. Well, most of those people are wrong.  The best breakfast tacos in Austin are served at Taco Deli on Spyglass Drive.  The owner, Roberto spent time in his early twenties working at resorts in the Yucatan and he matches interior Mexican cuisine with an old Austin favorite.  They open early and close at 3 pm.  There’s always a line for lunch so try to go at 11 or 1 to beat the crowd.  

Take a walk down to the Barton Creek Greenbelt

Because you'll have limited time and need to get back to the excellent events at Excellence, we're going to kill a few birds with one stone.  While you're at Taco Deli, walk across the street to where Barton Skyway ends, you'll see the entrance to the Barton Creek Greenbelt.  I live in the neighborhood across the creek on the other side so this place holds a special place in my heart.  From here, you can hike and bike for 14 miles if you wanted to, but for the purpose of this post and the people attending the conference, go down the hill where the big trail meets the little trail and take left.  Right down the trail, you'll find what's pictured in the video below.  It's one of the best natural settings in Austin, and its just a couple of miles from Zilker Park and about another mile (as the crow flies) to downtown Austin.

See the Austin bats on the Congress Street Bridge

Home to the largest colony of bats in North America, the Congress street bridge has close to two million bats that live underneath and fly out at sunset during the season.  The bats start migrating in November so check with the hotel concierge to see if they're out, but there's a good chance that they will be and it's quite a site.  I'm ashamed to admit that I have lived within a few short miles of where they come out and didn't see them until two years ago.  I honestly didn't think I would enjoy it.  I was wrong.    The JW Marriott is just a few blocks from where they come out so if you're looking for something to do around sunset any given night, walk on over and watch the show.  

Eat Some Amazing Texas Barbeque 

We're now in what people are calling the Golden Age of Barbeque and Austin has been exploding with what many consider to be the best barbeque in the nation.  Another subject of heavy debate among Austin residents, there are a number of places that one could argue would be great labeled "the best".  Franklin's Barbeque is probably the most famous Barbeque spot in Austin to the rest of the nation.  But you're a real estate agent.  You're at a conference.  If you do manage to get out to do any of these things, you aren't going to have time wait three hours in line for Franklins.  Le Barbeque is often known as the second best Barbeque in Austin, and many argue it IS the best.  But this will be ACL weekend two and even on a non-festival weekend, it can be up to an hour wait.  They do accept orders if you plan ahead.  Five days ahead or more, to be precise.  If you're looking for a spur-of-the-moment place, try Kerlin BarbeQue in east Austin.  It's not nearly as well known as the first two mentioned, but it's amazing and it has a little bit of notary itself, snagging the number one spot in the book, The 100 Best Barbecue Restaurants in America.  There's another spot that's not that close to downtown that's made major waves in Austin, and you may just see that come to the conference.  

Walk, Run or Bike the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail

Every great town in America has a Hike and Bike trail and many people think their Hike and Bike Trail is the best. They're wrong.  Our trail is the best.  Sorry, but it's true.  Just a couple blocks from JW Marriott on the north side of the river, you'll find an entrance to the hike and bike trail.  There are exits on each bridge.  If you're trying to cram in some exercise or just want to go on a beautiful walk, this is a great option.  Because there are 5 bridges that cross Lady Bird Lake where you have the option for a very short walk/run or a much longer one.  

Jam out at ACL 

You've been cramming in 3 exciting days of real estate knowledge from some of the brightest real estate minds on the planet and your brain is buzzing.  You're ready to get back and start implementing these ideas you've made.  There's only one problem.  You can't-do that until Monday.  And you happen to be in Austin.  During ACL weekend.  You deserve to let off some steam and you're in the right spot at the right time.  Saturday night features acts such as Spoon, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and, Ice Cube.  Are you a real-estate-gangsta enough to handle Ice Cube???  If you're staying through Sunday, the headliners feature Gurilleuz and The Killer.  Gorillaz suck but The Killas are great. 

If you make it to ACL, keep a lookout for a Spyglass Realty festival flag.  You all DO have one of these, don't you?  SMH.  I see a new topic for Excellence 2018.   

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