Trends, Materials and Practices in Sustainable BuildingEco-friendly home construction has risen to the forefront of the minds of buyers and builders looking to be more green in practices and sustainability. Fortunately, modern options are becoming more affordable and obtainable. Learn more about sustainable building practices that save on utilities and offer a solid return on investment (ROI) below.

What Is Sustainable Home Building?

Technology for green home building aims to minimize energy usage and waste during the construction process. Statistics claim that up to 40 percent of CO2 emissions today can be attributed to construction projects.

For this reason, it's become increasingly essential for both buyers and builders to make every effort to use renewable and biodegradable products and…

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Designing a Home OfficeAre you working from home? With businesses and companies being flexible with their work arrangements nowadays, here are some home office tips that will help you be more productive and focused while working from home!

Choose A Dedicated Working Area

Ideally, your office should be in a tranquil area that allows you some privacy. This is especially important if you share the house with family members or roommates. Choose the area away from loud spaces such as the living room and kitchen. However, if you don't have a large free space inside your house, you can always be creative in finding a place like unused corners in larger rooms or even under the stairs! Choose a comfortable place to do your work.

Identify What You Need

What you'll need…

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best neighborhoods for lake living There is a great diversity of homes and neighborhoods located near the two popular lakes in Austin, Lake Travis, and Lake Austin. Both of these lakes are Austin's most scenic natural areas. It's undeniable that homes located close to the shores of these lakes offer stunning, magnificent views of the water and while providing a resort-style feel to its residents. Many are attracted to the nearby communities due to their livability, convenience, and location.

Take a look at these 8 incredible Lake Travis neighborhoods for lake living in Austin:

1. The Reserve at Lake Travis

Located to the west of Austin, TX, The Reserve at Lake Travis is a luxury waterfront community nestled among 310 lush acres of the rolling hill country. This…

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The Importance of De-Winterizing Your HomeBy Yuna Miller

Snow in Central Texas is rare, but winter feels like it lasts forever. The good news is, spring is on its way to light up your Austin area home. Whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor, sprucing up the place after winter requires a simple plan and a few bucks.


Air Conditioning

Spring is the perfect time to inspect and update the air-cooling units in your house. The last thing you want is for the AC to die during those triple-digit temperatures! Inspect the refrigeration; low levels indicate there's a leak, and it can burn out the compressor.

Add these points to your air conditioning checklist:

  • Inspect electrical components and controls.
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils, and oil motors as…

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Every home's outdoor living space is the perfect place to spend time with family and friends or a place where you can simply sit back and enjoy the breeze of fresh air. Designing a great outdoor living space can be a challenge for many as it would need planning and considerations.

If you're unsure how to begin designing your outdoor space, whether you have a big backyard or a small patio to work on, here are a couple of tips we'd like to share to help you transform your outdoor area into a place ideal for relaxation and entertainment.

outdoor living space austin

Plants and Greenery

Enhance your outdoor area with plenty of plants and greenery. Incorporate them in different ways, such as hanging pots, variations of different plants in pots, garden beds, or gorgeous…

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Whether you’re preparing your home for listing it up for sale or to spice things up, two words may come up in your mind: remodel and renovate. These words can usually be heard in interior design, construction, and real estate. It may confuse some property owners when choosing which is right for their home.

Both processes are very different and are interchangeable, but this will depend on the type of work needed to be completed. We’ll break down for you the difference between remodeling and renovation and which between the two is perfect for your home.

 remodel vs renovation

Difference Between Remodel vs. Renovation

Remodeling means to change the structure or form of something. Therefore, when you are remodeling your home or a part of it, it means changing or…

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April Events in Austin Texas
As the warmer days arrive, it's time to take your family, friends, or significant other on a virtual or physical trip to various events and activities in the Austin area this April! View some of the selection of annual events in Austin for the month of April here:

1. Songs Under the Stars

Where: The People’s Plaza at ZACH Theatre

When: Throughout April

Throughout April, live performances return to ZACH theatre with Songs Under the Stars. The social distanced outdoor series features five concerts over eight weekends from Thursdays through Sundays each week by esteemed performances and an outdoor bar with views of the Austin skyline.

2. Moontower Comedy Series

Where: The Paramount Theatre and other locations

When: Throughout April

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Ways to Make Your Home Pet-FriendlyPet owners will do anything to give their pets the best treatment and sanctuary at home. If you have pets, it's important to provide them a good environment. You need to know certain things as a pet owner that will keep your house and surroundings a haven for your furry friends. Here are some great tips you need to know that you can apply in your current home or find a new home to move into.

Consider Flooring

If you have pets that love to roam and play around the house, the harder the flooring, the better. You'll want to look into scratch-proof flooring such as tiles which also provides a cool place for dogs during hot weather. Wood can be another option for you to choose from, although you have to choose the harder ones such as oak and…

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How to Downsize Your Austin HomeDownsizing used to be for empty nesters and retirees. Nowadays, more people are choosing to downsize due to different reasons, such as saving money from maintenance, reducing costs, paying off debt, cut downtime from doing household chores, and greater flexibility. By downsizing, you have to get rid of some belongings you have that may not be useful or end as clutter in your new Austin home. Here are some strategies for eliminating items when downsizing to a smaller home.

Popular Items to Eliminate When Downsizing

Here are some of the things you should get rid of when downsizing.


If you're downsizing your home, your closet space might decrease as well. If you have clothes that you don't wear, such as for special occasions,…

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Should You Rent or Buy Your Next Home?When is it time to stop renting a home and seriously consider buying your own place? That's a personal question and a very personal decision—it really depends on your lifestyle, finances, employment plans, and many other factors that could make buying a house an excellent idea or an absolutely terrible one.

To figure out where you are on the homeownership spectrum and decide what the best move is for you, personally, here are 5 signs that you should probably keep renting and 11 indicators that it's time to think seriously about buying a house.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Signs That You Should Keep Renting

You're Not Confident…

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