Leaf Austin Transcription

So I'm here with Job Hammond and we're going to check out this new place -- is it new?

YEah it's pretty new.

Yeah, Leaf, and they focus on like healthy eating, and so Job is a director with me, incoming director in 2019, for the Austin Board of Realtors, and we're just going to talk a little shop, see what's going on, and check out the food. Have you eaten here before?

I haven't, but I'm looking forward to it.  A lot of fresh, local produce. Really excited to be here.

And I'm really excited to be here because the only place I go to is Vinaigrette for like healthy lunches, so we'll give you a full report soon.

Alright, so here is a look at me and Job's salad. We both got the same thing and it looks delicious.…

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