The Answer to Your Duplex Questions

Ryan and Matt have extensive experience in the real estate industry, especially buying and selling duplexes. But there's more to it than just simple transactions. Find out all you need to know about duplexes! Show notes can be found here.

Autumn is the Best Time for New Home Buyers. Really.

After over 15 years in the real estate industry, Ryan is ready to take a stand on the trends of the market. He and Matt also go over the market report and give insight on how to best handle your situation while keeping your sanity. It's going to be a great end-of-the-year with Spyglass!

Austin Business Journal Spills the News

We sit down with former ABJ reporter Jan Buchholz and dive into the world of business journalism. She informs us of the secrets of the industry as well as some tips and tricks for Austin real estate. Thirteen years in the business and she's still got it! Show notes can be found here.

We're Expanding to Costa Rica!

We love Costa Rica so much that we made it our new home--and now, our home is your home. Join Ryan and RPM Costa Rica realtor, Lock Cooper, as he brings us on his journey into the real estate industry in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. He debunks myths about financing, locating, consulting, and other common mistakes buyers make while hunting for their new vacation home. Tour the latest oceanside penthouse HERE.

What Your Agents Need to Know ASAP.

The key to a great brokerage firm is the agents. Ryan and Matt are joined by Spyglass' very own, John McCarthy in this 3-part series about the top 3 things your agents need to know for maximum success and efficiency.



One Man. One Dream. Tequila 512.

Everyone know that the secret to working hard is partying harder. We sit down with Tequila 512 CEO and Founder, Scott Willis, as he brings us on his journey into the food and beverage industry as a start up in Austin, Texas. We also taste test his three types of Tequila, including the elusive Añejo flavor. Daringly bold, yet silky smooth.

Finding the Right Neighborhood for You in Austin, Texas.

How do you find the perfect neighborhood for you and your family in Austin, Texas? We walk you through how to do that in this episode. We also talk with Sunny Tracey about how to craft a back-up offer that will win you a bid on your dream home.

Swipe Left on Real-Estate Apps

In Austin, we've seen companies using a "Tinder" model moving into the real-estate market. These companies claim to save buyers thousands of dollars, that sounds great. But there is a hidden cost, in today's show we discuss why using a traditional realtor is better for both buyers and sellers.


March 22nd-How to Find, Improve, and Manage Duplexes.

Today we're going to go over duplexes! In Austin, duplex properties are a great "get rich slow scheme". If you're curious about how you can create your own passive income stream by investing in duplexes, stay tuned! We'll cover topics such as; determining the right duplex to buy, attracting high-quality tenants and setting up a management system.

March 14th, 2018 - Handling Multiple Offer Situations in Austin, TX.

Hello! Today we're back with another great show, we'll be talking about how to win in a multiple offer situation when buying a home. This is big stuff right here, stay tuned!

March 8th, 2018 - Interviewing Anne Wingler, Head of School at St. Mark's Episcopal Day School in Barton Hills.

We are going to learn about how Anne came to hold that position. We will also hear from Anne about what sets St. Mark's apart from other pre-school options in the Barton Hills area and we'll also learn what she wants parents to know about the school.


February 22nd, 2018 - How will CodeNEXT Austin impact you?

Are you curious about CodeNEXT and how it will impact YOU? Today we are talking with policy expert Thomas Visco of Glasshouse Policy. He’s going to give us the full scoop on CodeNEXT and its impacts on the residents of Austin. So stay tuned!

February 15th, 2018 - The Biggest Design Trends in Austin, Texas 2018

Curious about which interior design trends will make your house uber trendy in 2018? K.Q. Design stopped by last Thursday to give us the scoop. Type "trendy" into the comment section below if you want to stay up to date with our Facebook Live series. #Austin#KeepAustinHomey #InteriorDesign

February 8th, 2018 - The Impact on Amazon HQ2 in Austin

Are YOU curious about how Amazon HQ2 would impact Austin, or how about the current state of the Austin economy? In today’s episode, Ryan Rodenbeck and Matt Edwards discuss these topics, informed by a recent economic forecast.

February 1st, 2018 - How to Make Tons of Money Renting your Home for SXSW and other Austin Festivals

Have you ever wondered how you can make A TON of money during SXSW?! We are coming to you live today to tell you how with our new weekly series, Austin Realty behind the scenes with Ryan Rodenbeck. Our guest on the show today is real estate agent, Lauren Yoder. Lauren is our resident short-term rental expert and specializes in helping her clients create streams of passive income using their homes. So, if you want the full scoop on how you can use your home to make money as a short-term rental for SXSW, stay tuned! #SXSW #Austin @AirBnB #Airbnb