Austin Investment Real Estate offers buyers a complete range of listings in various areas and prime locations. This is an exciting time to be involved in the real estate market in this area. Buyers and investors can enjoy substantial returns over time as the area continues to develop and expand. Our listings include multi-family properties for sale in Austin in addition to many other types of properties. Browse the entire catalog, which is now available at all times by clicking the search banner below.

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This site is specifically designed for the real estate investor in mind. The large inventory of properties is organized to enable the visitor to get a complete view of the property in the shortest amount of time possible. For example, individuals or company representatives who are searching for different multi-family homes in Austin for sale will find an entire section containing these properties. 

This makes the entire site a valuable resource that is always available. Austin is a charming area, and it is appealing to new residents for a variety of reasons. The development and growth happening in Austin will only add to the value of each multi-family property or duplex for sale Austin TX in the future.

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Management Tips for Investment Property

Helpful property management tips:

- Document all communication with your tenants!  Follow up all phone calls with some kind of written communication confirming actions to be taken or decisions made.  Keep copies of all signed notices that were delivered.  It's even a good idea to take pictures when posting notices on doors.  In the unfortunate case that you needed to file an eviction or were faced with a dispute from fair housing, this documentation will be crucial.

- Venmo is a popular app that allows you to offer electronic and credit card payments of rent to your tenants. It's free to receive money and free to send as long as money is transferred straight from their bank account.  They change the sender a fee to use credit cards.

- Keep a rent ledger and document exactly when and how rent was paid each month.  This will provide evidence if you ever needed to evict a tenant based on frequent late rent payments.  It may also be requested by potential buyers if you list the property for sale.  

- We developed an online repair request form to help track these requests.  This can be easily done with the Forms app in Google Docs and provides some instant and automated tracking.

- When you're ready to make-ready your property for releasing, please contact us for advice and recommendations on making popular and cost-effective choices.  We can even recommend contractors too.

- To prolong the life of your HVAC systems, provide the correct size air filters to tenants and ask that they are changed frequently. We also created an addendum that you can have your tenants signing making them agree to this.

- Lastly, we can provide you a Google Docs folder containing many of the forms you may need. Blank Property Management Forms. Included in this folder are the following forms:

- Late Notice or other lease breach - this is to be used to give notice of late rent payment or any breach of lease.  

- Notice to tenants of change in ownership or management - provide a copy to the tenants anytime that ownership or management of the property changes.

- Notice terminating right of occupancy - to be given anytime it is determined tenants' lease will be terminated.

- Notice of landlord's intent NOT to renew lease - to let tenant know that they will not be granted a lease renewal.

- Lease

- Pet Agreement

- Lease extension or renewal

- Lease amendment regarding tenant change - use when adding or removing someone from a lease.

- Rodent Control Recommendations 

Real Estate Investing Austin

There is a growing interest in real estate investment within Austin, Texas. Property values in this area are good relative to the national market, which attracts many new people to the area. The growing interest in the area is apparent by the presence of prominent employers and good schools with qualified teachers.

The pleasant family environment also contributes to the value of the property, and there are many places where families can enjoy recreation, outdoor fun and leisure time. These local amenities are a major feature of each listing that appears many of our local neighborhood pages. Timing is also an important factor when evaluating multi-family investments Austin. Buying at the right moment can allow the investor to get a high rate of return as the area increases in value.

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Duplexes for Sale in Austin, TX

The listings information should include all of the relevant information necessary to decide on a fine Austin duplex for sale. This includes the status of the property, the location, and the size. Some of the best deals on properties can be found right on this site or through our blog posts, and the ability to generate income from these investments is substantial.


Austin Investment Property

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4904 Tortuga Place, Austin
Residential $26,995,000 4904 Tortuga Place, Austin 6 Beds 7 Baths 9,352 SqFt MLS® # 4081403

Compass RE Texas, LLC

12400 Cedar Street, Austin
Residential $19,500,000 ↓ $5,000,000 12400 Cedar Street, Austin 6 Beds 13 Baths 15,394 SqFt MLS® # 4277787

Compass RE Texas, LLC

4009 Rivercrest Drive, Austin
Residential $18,635,000 ↓ $250,000 4009 Rivercrest Drive, Austin 4 Beds 5 Baths 4,602 SqFt MLS® # 6239088

Moreland Properties

805 Congress Avenue, Austin
Residential $18,000,000 805 Congress Avenue, Austin 3 Beds 8 Baths 14,025 SqFt MLS® # 6071077

Watters International Realty

1700 Lakeshore Drive, Austin
Residential $15,900,000 ↓ $1,900,000 1700 Lakeshore Drive, Austin 4 Beds 4 Baths 3,968 SqFt MLS® # 2860054

Keller Williams Realty

6507 Bridge Point Parkway Fern 1a-garden Residence, Austin
Residential $13,975,000 6507 Bridge Point Parkway Fern 1a-garden Residence, Austin 4 Beds 5 Baths 3,926 SqFt MLS® # 6802007

Moreland Properties

6901 Greenshores Drive 4, Austin
Residential $12,995,000 ↓ $505,000 6901 Greenshores Drive 4, Austin 6 Beds 8 Baths 9,083 SqFt MLS® # 6114385

Levy Properties, LLC

3603 Stoneridge Road, Austin
Residential $12,500,000 ↑ $600,000 3603 Stoneridge Road, Austin 5 Beds 8 Baths 7,961 SqFt MLS® # 6295061

Moreland Properties

1614 Bruton Springs Road, Austin
Residential $11,999,000 ↓ $751,000 1614 Bruton Springs Road, Austin 5 Beds 6 Baths 5,108 SqFt MLS® # 1783768

Compass RE Texas, LLC

2508 N Cuernavaca Drive, Austin
Residential $11,750,000 2508 N Cuernavaca Drive, Austin 5 Beds 7 Baths 7,080 SqFt MLS® # 6974339

Compass RE Texas, LLC

4812 Belvedere Street 5, Austin
Residential $10,995,000 4812 Belvedere Street 5, Austin 7 Beds 9 Baths 8,732 SqFt MLS® # 9424193

Compass RE Texas, LLC

3711 Westlake Drive, Austin
Residential $10,800,000 3711 Westlake Drive, Austin 5 Beds 3 Baths 3,955 SqFt MLS® # 2912701

Moreland Properties


Invest in Austin Real Estate

Investing in real estate is an exciting endeavor, and we provide quick and easy access to various types of properties. Visitors can easily find a large quantity of information about any multi-family unit or a duplex for sale in Austin TX, for example. The projection of value in a given area is determined by many factors, and the buyer will have to navigate many complicated issues to arrive at an informed decision about the prospective future value of the property.

This includes zoning ordinances, financing options, local amenities, employer presence, and other locally-based factors. There are many types of benefits that come with investing in real estate in this area. This is true for individuals looking for a source of rental income, but it is also applicable to buyers who intend to relocate to this rapidly growing region.

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Greeting From Austin Mural | Spyglass Realty

Real Estate Investing

Duplexes make exciting rental opportunities that can produce a monthly flow of cash. And we LOVE duplexes. This is an opportunity for both new and experienced real estate investors. The conditions in this area are remarkably favorable to new buyers who are interested in getting a glimpse of what is possible in the real estate market. The condition and location of the property are always important factors to consider, but this might not always apply.

For example, some investors are looking for properties that are selling at the lowest possible price. These investors might be interested in fixing up the property and selling it for a profit. This is why this site displays a wide range of listings. Visitors can quickly browse through a large inventory of properties to locate the specific one that will meet their needs.

A wide range of listings and locations can be viewed instantly. Searching for a variety of investment vehicles helps investors to learn how to take advantage of the unique real estate investments and opportunities in Texas. Austin investment real estate deals open the door to future opportunities. For example, some investors decide to start with a duplex for sale Austin TX before upgrading later to a larger multi-family unit. The process of upgrading can be slow or rapid, and this depends on the preference of the buyer as well as the availability of a suitable property.

featured listings in austin texas

Duplexes for Sale Austin

Real estate investing Austin requires careful planning and deliberate execution. This requires a lot of research into the various types of real estate investments in Texas. Our real estate company provides a wide range of essential information about each multi-family property. It is also possible to connect with any of the realtor professionals at this company. Simply click the button below to speak with a consultant.

Get all the information necessary before making the final investment decision. We are always available to you, and the listings are constantly being updated for the convenience our customers. Visit frequently, and search the latest listings for the best multi-family properties for sale in Austin.

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Expert Assistance for Investors

Site users can also enjoy the benefits of working with a seasoned real estate professional in Austin. There are many experts who can be contacted in order to provide the necessary servicing for the property. From financing to titles, it is essential to use a real estate agent with experience in dealing with properties in Austin.

Other professional assistance is often necessary to close the deal. Real estate investors can expect to interact with banks, insurance companies, public accountants, contractors, property managers, and various other professionals. This process is expedited when using the service providers from this site.

 For more information, fill out the form below. One of our friendly representatives will get in touch.