Jacqueline Lembesis, REALTOR®

Being originally from Chicago, I feel this has helped me navigate through this ever growing city, Austin, TX! With how fast this city is growing, I have recognized how much it means to act upon stern decisions and how to convert my clients' desires into reality! My background in Chicago was a mortgage broker. I moved to Austin in 2010 and came to the other side and decided to be "The Realtor''. This has been the best decision I have ever made for I haven't looked back since! I now know both sides of the transaction, which allows me to be able to distinguish a great lender plus a great purchase and/or sale! I exert knowledge and confidence within my field and conquer successful smooth transactions from start to finish, with my clients best interest always at top priority! On a personal level...I have two beautiful children, an 8 year old boy and a 12 month old little girl! They drive me to be the best "person" in all aspects of my world...best mother, best friend, and an amazing Realtor!

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