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Agent Testimonial | Jeremy McHaney

You're at your point where you have finished your dynamic selling a couple months ago, you are been in the business a year before but as a leasing agent now you are a spyglass member, I want you to tell us about how your experience with (A)was with the onboarding (B) with the dynamic selling and (C) like how's it been now that you're three months in to Spyglass and actually working lease?

The agent onboarding was great. I gotta say, just like a 180 from what I was doing to what I'm doing now. This is really real estate. You know, there are so many facets to it. And I left looking to leave and get on to a new place that really helped me get some direction and where to go. And I finally found I mean, y'all have been great with providing the tools, the direction and the mentorship has been phenomenal. Having gone through that class, I feel way more confident, way more confident in my conversations and that is really helping me just build more relationships with people sound like a professional have the right tools.

 I have all the tools. I have all my notes in here. It's my little Bible, I kind of carry around with me every place and when I'm having conversations on the phone, it's open, because there's so many tools that I learned from the dynamic selling class. It's definitely a whole 180 from what I was doing to what I'm doing now. I feel like I'm really doing real estate now. This is real estate. You know, it was fun doing what I was doing over at the last place, but that was not my endgame. And I found this is my endgame here with Spyglass Realty.

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That means a lot to us and I really appreciate that. Let's have a little bit of talk about what you've done. Forget Spyglass for a second, but like, you know, we were talking earlier in it like, Man, you just like you're the sign, I've seen it before of a prodigy real estate agent. What I mean by that is that like, you know, what is it 73% of real estate agents fail within the first five years. It's a stat, right? And what we're seeing out of you is that you're coming out of the gate with the tools that we've given you and you're making the commitment to make the calls. What have you done? So (A) we've got you on a mentorship with Johnny, our sales manager, you're helping him with his conversion, but you're also converting some of your sphere of influence. And some of the leads that we, tell us what you did, it's time for you to brag just a little bit about what you've done because I see it. We want to hear it from you.

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austin real estate agent

Well, writing contracts, you know, come out of the gate knowing how to write contracts, knowing how to do it. Buyers consultations, knowing how to do listings, you know, consultations. I've been doing a lot of things virtually right now. It's it's so easy now. You know, I'm so confident in setting these appointments and being able to learn their real estate goals and help them along with it.

But a lot of that, okay, and I really appreciate the shout out on that. But quite frankly, a lot of that comes from your work ethic. Right? It is because you're making the calls, Is that right?

Yeah, you have to make the calls. That is our job. Lead Generation first, real estate second.

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Well like I said, we really appreciate the work that you put in there. I can see like your star people right now. And I know we're going to expect great things from you in the future.

Thank you very much. And thank you so much for I mean, I can go on. But thank you for everything, guys.

Thank you.

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