Marketing Your 78704 Home for Sale

Choosing the right real estate agent to market and sell your home can be difficult with so many choices.

Barton Hills Home for Sale on Our Blog

This is the most spectacular listings to hit the market in Barton Hills in recent years, and it's easy to see why.  It's a single story mid-century home with over 3,500 square feet of living space that includes a separate guest home overlooking a pool.  Designed by Kevin Stewart Architecture, this home is to DIE for.  

Having this great listing presented us with a unique opportunity to put our marketing techniques to use and we featured this home on many different platforms as seen here. 

Check out the listing here

“Working with Spyglass was like working with an advertising agency. My home showed up across the web everywhere I looked. I shared their post with my friends on FB during their coming soon stage and it followed all my friends as well. We sold our home in the first weekend. Very impressive”

- Michelle R.

Hiring the wrong agent could cost you and your family tens of thousands of dollars, even if you have a great property in a hot neighborhood.

Let’s face it, most agents don’t have the skill set to understand internet marketing and don’t have a plan to properly advertise your home.  Hiring an “average agent” with little to no grasp on online advertising could make the difference between getting one offer and getting multiple.  Multiple offers lead to bidding wars that can get you extra money that could be used for your next home purchase.

We understand this dilemma as we’ve seen it happen time and time again to sellers who have chosen an agent that was not trained in online advertising. 

Our company has the deepest online presence in 78704 and has helped over 900 families with their real estate needs, a large percentage of whom have sold their home for above list price by having us employ our marketing strategy.  

The Coming Soon Process and Why it's Important for You!

Driving demand to your home listing before it's listed is an essential part of creating the variables that lead to a multiple offer situation.  We start this process through Facebook and Instagram Advertising and target your area as well as surrounding areas.  We also alert every real estate agent that practices in the area your home is located by sending email, posting on Facebook groups that are agent-only and good old-fashioned phone calls! 

Google Adwords Placement - What Does it Accomplish?

Having a strong presence in online search engines ensure that when someone searches for a property in any part of 78704, they come to our site first. You may ask, How does that help promote your home?  We employ "pop-ups" to every landing page so that anyone looking for a home in 78704 is aware of your home.

Google Search Results

When people are searching for a community to live in, they often choose Google as the very first place they look. We've worked very hard to be seen as the online authority for homes in Barton Hills Neighborhood.  And Google agrees, placing us at the top of the search results (and often at the #1 spot) on page 1 of Google.  Once again, leading them to your listing on our site.

Bringing Them Back to Your Listing

If your not familiar with retargeting, its when you search for something online (shoes, a backpack, etc.) and the advertiser continues to show you that image again and again.  We do this for your listing and what's more, we will also retarget your listing to other consumers who clicked on our site to see other listings.  As you can see above, we are the experts at advertising 78704 homes.  So doesn't it make sense that we show your listing to people who visited our site to see other homes in the area?  Just imagine having your home show up hundreds of sites to the thousands of visitors that visit our site each month.

Video Marketing

We're talking about maximum exposure here and nothing does that more than videos.  We have professional videos made of your home and we place that on YouTube, Facebook and we have the exclusive spot on Zillow.  Real Estate that is listed with videos that accompany them have been known to attract 400% more traffic, according to recent studies.  

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