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The Spyglass Realty Advantage

Access to Coming Soon/Pre-MLS Listings

Solutions for Competing in Bidding Wars

Navigation through Lending Options/Inspection Walk-throughs/Title reports

Proven List of Vendors to Determine Prices on Inspection Items

Spyglass Realty has an excellent team of agents spread throughout the Greater Austin area. Each agent is highly trained in contract negotiations and the evaluation of all types of residential real estate. Our team keeps a constant eye on coming soon/pre-MLS lists to make sure our clients have the heads-up on any home that may match their search criteria. We have matched many of our clients with properties before they are on the market, allowing them to purchase without the added stress of an overly competitive market. 

We also guide our buyers to purchase homes during times of the year, or days of the week that are most advantageous. Our highly-skilled team takes great pride in studying the market, the negotiating and contract writing techniques that lead to our clients getting the best deal possible on the purchase of their new home. 

Spyglass Realty offers their clients property search technology is the best in the business, giving buyers instant access to properties as they hit the market in a handy app, email alerts, and even text alerts if desired. Our Collaborative Notebook feature allows buyers to invite up to four people into a search so they can share notes, favorite properties or inquire or schedule an appointment together. 

Video Testimonials - Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients had to say about our service.