Helping Raise the Bar for Austin Duplex and Fourplex Sellers!

We have extensive experience in helping investors with buying and improving Austin income property.  And for sellers we helo improve a property before it's listed to yield the highest value for the sale of their Austin duplex or fourplex.  The renovation projects that we cover are from minor paint and carpet to complete overhauls. In this example, we helped our client buy a single family residence that was bought as a foreclosure, and we changed the inside and outside cosmetics of the home. By putting roughly $20,000 in improvements, we can increase the value of the property by $45,000 and increase the rental potential from $1100 per month to $1500 per month. Below is a video of some of our recent duplex transformations.  

Our team is capable of handling some major renovations as well. Although, I don’t really recommend this for your first investment property. This is a home that we renovated and sold earlier this year in 78704.  Here is another example of a duplex we remodeled for an Austin investment property seller.

Those last two are some pretty major renovations. You don’t have to buy properties that need that much work, and you also don’t have to upgrade to that extreme in order to increase the value or the rental potential. Here is a property that we listed for a client last year. It’s a fourplex (which I don’t recommend buying) where the management had done a horrible job of keeping it up, and their renovations were total crap. We got the owner to invest $7,000. With that, we were able to install stainless steel appliances, pergo floors, new paint and a total makeover on the outside. Again, we increased the value of the property as well as added about $150 a month in potential rental income for this one unit.

The Spyglass difference when selling Austin residential income properties

The difference between us and other investment brokers is that we focus on presentation. Having started my career in investment property and then moving to high-end residential, we have an insight on what makes a property more appealing to a larger pool of tenants. Other investment brokers focus on pure numbers and not much else.

We will also provide you with some tools that will allow you to evaluate income property and determine your return on your investment.