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Truth be told, the housing market in Austin Texas is fast-paced and highly competitive. Looking for a home in such an environment can be a tricky process. However, experts in the real estate business believe that there are several tips and tricks buyers and sellers could employ to hack the industry.

Hiring real estate agents

With so much information available online, buyers and sellers of homes often wonder why hiring an agent is necessary. And this is a valid question. Can’t a buyer or seller navigate through the market systems on his/her own without representation from an agent and make a complete transaction? Well, some can and some cannot. The reason why individuals hire agents is so that they can save themselves the trouble of having to be in the know of all the buying and selling trends. Agents generally do the heavy lifting when it comes to amassing the necessary knowledge on the industry. One of the benefits of working with an agent at Spyglass Realty is that we have a big network of other top producing real estate agents that share coming soon and pre-MLS listing so that our clients have access to properties before they hit the market.  This is especially important in the 78704 zip code where great properties fly off the market as soon as they hit MLS. We want our buyers to know about these great listings before they hit the market.  

Agents also work as buffers. Buyers working on their own encounter lots of building agents most of whom have got nothing to offer. Sellers, on the other hand, get lots of phone calls that most often than not, lead nowhere. Agents filter all these calls and only allow calls that they believe are promising and can end in a transaction.

Adding to this, agents provide buyers and sellers with guidance in relation to the prices that are best. Both sellers and buyers select and settle on prices they want. The agents only guide them in making the right choice. They guide by providing all the relevant data and information that affect the price of the home. After the buyers and sellers make a choice, agents then proceed to prepare negotiation strategies.

The competition also trickles down to the choosing of agents in the industry. Like properties, they are numerous and all claim to be the best. Finding a trusted agent thus becomes like finding a needle in a haystack. In this site, there are agents available on call. Our agents have been carefully vetted and proven to be trustworthy and the best on the market. All agents on the directory have years of experience on the market selling and buying homes. The listed agents have, on average, performed better than most brokerage firms have. Collectively, agents on the directory know all the greater Austin areas and offer their services from different parts of the city.

Analyzing the market

For the buyers and sellers who feel hiring agents is overrated and are confident in themselves to sail through the market safely, it is important that they get to do their homework. Selling homes is not a matter of putting a ‘For Sale’ sign in the front yard. It is about valuing the house just right and getting the word out to the appropriate market. For this, they will need to carefully analyze the market the property is in. Most times buyers and sellers need to attend seminars, read pages and pages of how market analysis is done. And most of the time they are only looking to make a single sale or purchase and probably never use the knowledge ever again. And even if they do, it will be long outdated and will need to go through the tedious learning curve again. We circumvent that process so that all this extra homework is not needed. 

Luckily, we have a form that individuals fill out listing the details of the property they are selling or purchasing and get back an analysis of the value of the homes based on the neighborhood it is located in. This market analysis uses a modern technology on the market and gathers data of all available listings of property, especially important in 78704, with almost similar prices and provides an analysis they can depend on.

Gain access to hidden inventory

In a competitive market, it pays off to be the very first to view a listing. The Austin market can at times feel like a first come first served kind of market. And this might be harsh to some, but when persons learn their way around this, the market becomes friendlier and easy to navigate and find better deals.

Outside of properties that are on MLS or on a real estate agent’s site, there are listings that are hidden. Well, they are not hidden to the public per se, but rather, they are new and are scheduled to be listed in a few weeks to come. We call this Pre-MLS, Coming Soon or Pocket Listings. Individuals with access to the database or have a big network of agents with good relationships, as such stay and remain ahead of the game always grabbing the deals before they are listed on the market.

The best bit about the listing is the fact that it is updated every so often, which means that buyers and sellers have access to the latest trends on the market.

Find open houses

Open houses can make or break a sale or purchase. Both sellers and buyers have to come prepared for the open house. The stakes are high for both buyers and sellers. For a successful open house, there are several tips that can help make the process a success. Since most buyers get most of their information online, the best place to get the word out is on social media. But even while technology will do the seller much good, he/she should not forget low-tech methods as well. These include putting up an open house sign a week prior to the big event. This will help get the word out to anyone who passes by the household. Sellers can also enlist the help of their neighbors to help ramp up the traffic on that big day.

But just like making a purchase, being in the know ahead of everyone else counts for everything. Knowing which will be showing when before anyone else will give you a head start. What is even better than knowing about the open houses is having their exact address before everyone else does. In this industry, knowledge and staying ahead of the game is everything.

With the above secrets to hacking the market, sellers and buyers in the market will be more than equipped. As preparations are made to dive in head first into the market, there are several key points that sellers and buyers should note. First, the company makes a point of hiring professional agents and staffs and stays away from rookies. Rookies in the industry are bound to make lots of mistakes and are just a bad choice despite the low prices they quote. Also note that we sell faster than any other company on the market since, despite the fact that we are local, we also are global. As such we are valuable whether you are moving into or out of Austin into another town.

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