Have you kept an eye on what duplex prices have been doing the last 12 months in Austin?  Well you should, because they’ve been rising at an incredible rate.  We have several ways that we can help you market and sell your duplex and one is sure to be a match for your current situation.  In this package you will see that we have extensive experience with duplex sales and renovations. We were even featured in the Austin Business Journal for our work.

Duplex sales are through the roof right now, and there has never been a better time to sell a duplex in Austin.  The attached brochure shows some of the ways that we market and sell investment property.  The options for you as a home duplex seller include:

  1. Have us match your duplex with one of our many duplex investors that we are currently working with.  This option has minimal intrusion to your tenants and a break on commission to you.  

  2. Come up with a budget and let our design team create a package to add value to your duplex as we have done on our own duplexes.  Even an “outside only” design package raises your value and increases demand and desirability for your duplex, thus making it attractive to both investors and potential owner occupants.  

  3. Sell your duplex as-is on MLS.  

Options 2 and 3 come with the most comprehensive internet marketing package available to investment sellers.  We re-wrote the code for real estate internet sales and marketing.  Our experience in sales has allowed me to be a Top 50 Agent as recognized by the Platinum Top 50 and the Austin Business Journal.