Located in 78741, which I am VERY bullish on!  I own 6 duplexes in this zip code myself.  We expect rents to be between $1800 and $2000, depending on what is done to it.  We are currently helping him pick out a new color for the interior and cabinets.  I would expect with the paint job completed, rent will to be around $1800/side and if someone would change out the countertops to quartz (around $1600 per side) and put in new appliances (around $1200 per side) I would expect that rent to be around $2,000.  As a frame of reference, we are getting $1350 for a 2/1 duplex that is 800 square feet right down the street.  There are no lease comps available for a "like" property, but I think this pretty accurate for rent estimates.  If you bought this property through us, we would help you with the remodel.